Oops…I forgot.

I have to admit: I’m a packing procrastinator. To make matters worse, I’ve got the most haphazard packing style: I wait until the very last minute, then throw in armloads of anything I think I might need. Needless to say, I’ve been on many a trip when things have been…overlooked.

The worst is always underwear, with a close second to shoes. Or a jacket. I’ve forgotten a jacket before. That was bad.

The problem is that I don’t have a really good, snappy solution to this issue (aside from “become a better packer,” which clearly should be near the top of my priority list, given how much I travel). Seriously, what do you do once you’re in a new city and you have an hour to find the perfect pair of shoes for a meeting with the clients you need to impress?


And my god, who are these people who can pack like this? (Yes, I’m not-so-secretly jealous)…

Screen Shot 2015-07-24 at 2.42.32 PM

Screen Shot 2015-07-24 at 2.41.50 PM


  1. I hate packing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Points Pixie says:

      Kathy – Hahaha, I was thinking about you as I wrote this post! (Seriously, I love our Twitter hatetopack/havetopack convos). 😉

  2. Depending on where I’m going….I have two different ways of doing things.

    1. Pack underwear, bras, shoes, pj’s and swimwear then buy new of everything else.

    2. A complete packing list for each day of the trip with a mix and match wardrobe. Plan on doing laundry once a week. I normally stay in extended stay hotels or condos so I can cook for myself. I hate eating out.

    • Points Pixie says:

      Wendy – I love the thought of buying new of everything else. 😉 Someone else just gave me another idea, which is to pack essentials in a “go bag,” then stash that bag where you keep your suitcase. That way you can just grab and go. Genius!

  3. buy Ex Officio underwear. They say it dries so quickly, you only need a pair or two. *so I bought 10*

  4. Marilyn B says:

    Packing like that article is so not me – first off, I’m almost 66 (although most take me for 10-15 years younger), but more importantly, not suitable for my body type (short, very, very busty, last time I wore heels I spent 2 weeks at the chiropractor!) While I don’t think I’ll be arrested by the fashion police, my wardrobe can best be described as straightforward and conservatively fashionable.
    As for packing, after 30+ years of packing for me and my husband, here’s what works for me:
    1. a master list of all non-clothing essentials.
    2. about 2 years ago I picked up a small duffle that meets the personal item requirements (ala United anyway). I pack all the non-clothing essentials in here (3-1-1 kits for both me and my husband, mini umbrellas, spare glasses, chargers, other grooming items, etc). When I return from a trip this sits on the floor until I replenish anything that needs refilling (now I do admit this can be anywhere from 2 days to 2 months!). Once I have refilled, I repack the bag. If there are any items used not just for travel (tablet, chargers), I list them on a large sheet of paper which I place right on top of everything in this duffle, so I can grab just those items at the last minute.
    3. I “pack on paper” making a list of clothing needed for type of trip, grouped by categories for me and for my husband. Keep this on the computer, and will print it out when ready to grab the clothes for putting in the suitcase Once a trip is over, I keep the list so I can modify it as needed for the next trip. I now have a pile of lists – Caribbean cruise, European cruise, Hawaii, Europe in November, Europe in Spring, etc. Never have to start from scratch anymore. Not a lot of thinking required, either. The packing list has become as essential as the trip research. And, hey, at this stage of life, there are those occasional “senior moments” so………
    4. When I’m preparing for trip, I find the appropriate list, refine it, print it, then gather the clothes quickly. Have a spare bedroom so I lay everything out there, run down the list very quickly, eyeball the contents, and then can pack (cross packing some stuff for each of us in case we have to check any bags).

    Now I admit, we don’t take a lot of weekend jaunts (but I have a separate packed kit just for weekends ) and I don’t travel alone, either. But I would be lost without working from a list. And, like I said, since I’ve been doing this for many years, I have refined it over time. Don’t hate me, but I just got back from Portugal at end of June, and am going to London/Dublin at end of November – the duffel is already repacked, and I just have to refine the clothing list from my trip to London from Nov. 2013. 🙂
    (full disclosure – I was a librarian in my previous life……..LOL)

  5. Marilyn- I say this admiringly “are you crazy”

    I like to do the bring old crappy shoes and clothes thing and leave them in the hotel trash can when you check out. Although some zealous maids sometimes think those ratty sneakers must have been left in the trash can by accident.

    • Marilyn B says:

      @sw – LOL!! Yeah, my husband has called me crazy (and a few other things!) but he appreciates not having to do any of this himself.
      The crappy clothes thing won’t work for me – I only wear old stuff around my house, not out in public.
      However, I do have certain shoes and jackets that only are used for traveling….
      30 years of “crazy” habits 🙂

  6. Jeanne M says:

    As a young woman I forgot my underwear and bras, and my cosmetic pouch on 3 trips. After these lapses I NEVER forget my makeup and underwear. It is not cheap to replace all your makeup and cosmetic tools twice. I have now traveled extensively, including long international travel. I now use a list as I find it eliminates duplicates and expensive omissions. It would be cost prohibitive and time consuming to shop for all new wardrobe for every trip. Not to mention at 5’10” it is not so easy to find clothes! I also have travel containers of all my hair and skin care products in my suitcase at all times, as well as my carry on with all my plugs, ear buds etc. I am not an organized person but I found getting myself organized for packing has saved me much time , stress and money. Good Luck!

  7. pinkisnice says:

    I def reco the go-bag for things like meds, make-up, and even jewelry. It’s those little things that take up so much mental space, yet so easily fall through the cracks.

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