Oops? My accidental mistake rate… I booked the Presidential Suite.

This week, I’ve been putting the finishing touches on several upcoming trips. There was one trip in particular that I was pretty excited to book. I’m not going to mention the exact location at the moment (for reasons which will become clear if you decide to keep reading this post), but I will reveal that it is someplace warm and beachy.

I had booked our flights for this trip several weeks ago, and since I knew hotel availability was plentiful, I was weighing a few different hotel options. I didn’t have quite enough points to cover our entire stay, so I was also comparing different room types, costs, and amenities. Rates seemed about the same across the board, so I went with a hotel that seemed to have the best beach access.

As I clicked through on our dates to book a room, I was offered a choice of several different room types ranging from a Standard Room, to a Deluxe Room, to a Junior Suite, to the Presidential Suite. I was prepared to book a Standard Room and hope for an upgrade, until I noticed something interesting: the rate for the Presidential Suite was only $20 more than the rate for a Standard Room.

Since I assumed this couldn’t possibly be true, I refreshed the page and started the booking process again – only to have the site display the same information. This time I continued the booking, certain that at some point a higher rate would appear – but it never did.

At this point, I cancelled the reservation. It just seemed too weird. I waited a couple of days, then tried again – only to have the exact same experience.

So I booked it. And now I’m feeling weird.

What would you do? Would you call them to insist that they charge a higher rate? Or would you cross your fingers and see what happened at check-in?

I’d love to hear your thoughts.


  1. Alex Christantho says:

    looks weird indeed, but if I were you I will just go ahead with that Suite and have a proof of the pricelist shown on their reservation page. worth a try! as long as your travel time is not on the peak season, I believe the worst case is you will be ‘downgraded’ to the standard one (or any other available room). So…good luck then!! 🙂

  2. When you say ‘oops’ do you have your little pinky in your mouth a LA Dr. Evil?

  3. I think you have done your due diligence by cancelling, waiting, & trying again. The rate was still there and I would have taken advantage of it and would expect it to be honored. Feel free to email me the location! I will not tell but I am starting to plan our next tropical vacation and this could affect where I go 😉

    • Points Pixie says:

      Jeremy – Thanks! I actually just checked the website and the rates are vastly increased from when I booked – so seems like the “sale” is over.

  4. leana@ Milesforfamily says:

    I wouldn’t call them! It’s the hotel’s job to load the correct rates. You did nothing wrong. Enjoy!

  5. I’d keep it. You waited it out and the rate was the same over several days. I think I’d just be prepared to take a standard room if you get there and they fuss about it. If they truly don’t want you to have the suite for that rate, they will contact you and downgrade the reservation.

  6. Any clues other than warm and beachy where this hotel might be? need a vacation and would love to be spoilt for once

    • Points Pixie says:

      Vik – The rates have changed from when I booked. I just checked and they are currently around what you would expect from a Presidential Suite.

  7. I would love the name of hotel so I can book as well.

    Planing to book a trip to somewhere warm in the near future.

  8. I’d enjoy the heck out of the Presidential Suite!

  9. I think I figured out the area but not the hotel. I read your blog regularly and remember a clue. ; ) If it’s where I think, the location is also in my cache of upcoming trips though I’m still in the planning stages. Might you email the name of the hotel?

    • Points Pixie says:

      Beck – Might now be a moot point because the rates are now at a price point that seems more in line with what you would expect for a suite of that size.

  10. You have it a fair chance and the rate is posted. Book it and go for it. But I would keep printouts of the reservation and price showing online but also of what a regular room would have cost you (in case they downgrade you, you should at least get your $20 a night back from them).

  11. what a wonderful find! It was meant to be, embrace the rate!

  12. please share!! suspense is killin me
    you inspired me now i wanna plan a surprise trip for my husband

    • Points Pixie says:

      Anita – Yes! I will definitely write about what ultimately happens. Excited for you about the surprise trip!

  13. Please PM the name..:D Many thanks!

  14. If you prepaid it and it should happen to be a mistake, then the onus is on them to get in touch with you and make a fair offer for a compromise. If not, as has already been said, take the printout of the confirmation and plan to go to battle for the room that you booked (or a VERY fair compromise offer).

    As everybody knows, the rule is: DO NOT CALL the hotel to question the rate!

    • Points Pixie says:

      Sharon G – I was torn about calling. Since it likely wouldn’t have affected anyone else (availability was wide open for all dates), I felt like it was more of a moral dilemma than anything else.

  15. pinkisnice says:

    I would have grabbed it from the beginning. So exciting! Can’t wait for pics!

  16. I would leave it. They published the rate (multiple times it seems), you have proof of it, and nothing changed as you were booking; I think it’s fine. I had that happen with a Thrifty rental car one-way from New York to Philadelphia. I had booked it at the (expensive but not exorbitant) rate of $250 for four days with drop off. I double-checked the reservation to see if the rate had come down, and it re-priced at $80 instead, which I accepted. Even the Thrifty guy said “how the hell is it this cheap?” but they honored it.

  17. Yes! Enjoy your upgrade. You deserve it after the Hyatt card drama, (yay for them for making it right!)
    Hotels comp presidential suites all the time for high rollers. You are a high (points) roller.

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