A second round of deals at Twice.

I’m giving Twice a second chance.

A few months ago, I was thrilled to discover this site, which is a concierge-style online marketplace for secondhand fashion. By stacking a couple of deals, I was able to score a chic little cape from Theory for $5.

Screen Shot 2014-06-13 at 5.55.52 PM

The prices at Twice are really nice (sorry, couldn’t resist that rhyme). Deals are plentiful and they provide a bonanza of discounts and coupons to take their already-discounted prices down even further. 

The only catch is that you definitely need to stay on the “buyer” side of the site, as I learned the hard way when I sent in a bag full of amazing pieces…and they offered me $31.25 for the lot.

However, the deals just keep coming from Twice! Today they debuted a new category…handbags.

twice handbags

Oh, Twice.

They’ve got a large selection of very nice bags. I scored a brand-new Hobo Lauren clutch for $30. This normally retails for $110, and I was actually in the market for one of these, so it was perfect timing.

hobo lauren clutch

I also snapped up a Kooba Zoey bag for $115. These are currently on Bluefly for $300, so this was another amazing deal!

kooba zoey bag

I got 15% off with the code Twice15, which knocked $20 off my purchase.

twice code

If you haven’t shopped at Twice before, it is definitely worth a look. Lots of great deals to be had here, if you work it the right way.

Some tips for maximizing savings:

1. Sign up using a friend’s referral link to get $10 off your first purchase. Here is my link if you’d like to use it (thanks!).

2. After you sign up and have an account, download the app to get another $10 in store credit.

3. Use one of the above codes for 10% or 15% off.

Happy shopping! Did you find anything good?


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