Stressed, sweaty, and static-y.

Today has been a stressful one. It’s only 3:30 and I’m ready for a whiskey.

It started when I learned that my mom got admitted to the hospital. She’s going to be just fine, but it was not fun to get that call.

Especially because today was the day that my son has to have gum graft surgery. Again, he’s fine, but lemme tell you that it’s not fun to watch someone cut into your ten-year-old’s mouth.

Also, we are in the middle of a very stressful house search here in the SF Bay Area. We found a house we love, and are set to make an offer for WAY over the asking price (likely to be outbid by an all-cash offer yet again), but we just learned that – for some complicated reasons – we need to re-apply for a mortgage pre-approval letter with a different lender. Time is really of the essence, so this is all bad.

Add that to the fact that my company is going through a website redesign, and guess who is responsible for rewriting ALL of the copy? Yep, me. With a deadline of August 11.

So, by 1 pm, I found myself in the periodontist’s waiting room, sweating, stressed, and oddly charged with static electricity. Somehow these last couple of things almost pushed me over the edge.

That’s when I remembered I had hand sanitizer and a safety pin in my bag for just such emergencies.

I went into the restroom and pinned the safety pin on the inside hem of my dress. Did you know that this gets rid of static cling by discharging the electrical build-up? Works.

Then I used a little hand sanitizer as deodorant. The alcohol neutralizes any bacteria. Try it in a pinch.

After a few deep breaths, I was ready to face the second half of my day. So far, it’s not as wild as the first half…although now I’m home with a whiskey in arm’s reach, just in case.

How’s your day going? Anyone else having a crazy one?


  1. It’s 107 degrees in Antioch today. 😉

  2. Christian says:

    I get static electricity shocks often, especially in Winter, and very especially in Winter when it’s dry. I normally touch the shocking surface (bank door, my car, metal framed door or can of tuna in the supermarket, etc.) with my knee while wearing long pants. That releases most of the static electricity so I can touch the surface. I don’t understand how the safety pin trick would release the charge. I like the idea. Any idea how it works?

  3. pinkisnice says:

    Ack! Glad mom is OK…and son too. Hope tomorrow is full of soothing sunshine.

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