The Next Big Thing

I got my Platinum AmEx card in the mail a few days ago.


I was not planning on applying for this card, but a very lucrative offer (100,000 Membership Rewards Points) fell into my lap last Monday night, and I decided not to pass it up.  The normal bonus for the card is 25,000 points, so earning 4x that amount was a rare and exciting thing.

I was able to text a few of my readers (hi you guys!) because I knew they had been eyeing the card and I wanted them to have the chance to get in on the deal as well. I know that a couple of them jumped on the offer and got approved, but I know that some of you missed this offer completely.

So I wanted to say two things:

  1. Another deal is just around the corner!  It always is.  So don’t kick yourself if you didn’t get in on this one.
  2. Consider following me on twitter (@pixie_points).  I always tweet “breaking Points bulletins” so you can be up on the Next Big Thing.

Here’s to another year of great deals and (almost) free travel!

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