The perfect travel dress.

I’ve been looking for a chic, simple, washable, packable dress.

A dress that I can glam with piles of necklaces up to go out for cocktails and dinner, or wear with sandals and a hat while I’m cruising around town.

A dress that looks fantastic with a little cardigan layered over it.

A dress that I can roll up and stuff into a corner of my bag, and when I unpack it, it will be wrinkle-free and instantly wearable.

I think I found it:

Screen Shot 2014-02-19 at 9.18.17 PM

It’s the sleeveless v-neck dress at Loft.

Of course there are tons of ways to get a discount here…

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You guys know how to rock these discounts already. 😉

What I really want to know is…what do you think of this dress? Do you have a great travel dress already? Where did you get it? Share!



  1. No great travel dress here…….but I adore the one you picked out and I especially adore the color. I hope you chose the blue.

  2. Both my daughters found good ones at REI that drape well on them and are easy to wash and drip dry (of course they travel with backpacks still), as well as dress up for going out.

  3. The dress is a bit short for my taste (I would want the dress around knee-length or just above), but otherwise looks very nice.

  4. Points Pixie says:

    Anne – The color is the best part! I love that it is blue and not black.

    LauraPDX – I looked at REI but I didn’t see anything currently fabulous. I’m still not completely done searching, so perhaps they will come out with something for Spring.

    Ms. M – It is a tad short, but I couldn’t find anything cute in a longer length!

  5. My go-to travel dress:

    Easy to wash, doesn’t wrinkle and can be worn more than once between washings.

  6. Like the style and blue color. But, a number of the reviewers commented about wearing it to a wedding, so the material might not be suitable for running around in all day. One commenter went so far as to say the material was on the thicker side- something to consider if you are planning to take it on your trip to Asia. Probably would be great if you go back to Vegas..

  7. pinkisnice says:

    Lots of the REI brands are perfect for this type of thing, but they’re typically more casual than the one you found. Depends on your definition of chic, I guess. The one you’ve chosen seems like it would work well with a wide range of shoe styles, which is always a big plus when traveling!

  8. Points Pixie says:

    Marilyn B – Yeah, I was wondering about the fabric as well. I tend to get cold anywhere I go, so it might work out well for me…I will probably write a review after I’ve had a chance to wear it a few times.

    pinkisnice – The shoe thing is always an issue for me! Also, I tend to end up looking sloppy unless I start with a fairly tailored or polished piece, so I’m hoping this does the trick.

  9. 100% on dresses! I literally have 70+ dresses in my closet (I counted the other day and yes I have a dress fetish), and know how great they can be traveling, whether on a plane or during the trip. I prefer to wear maxi-dresses when flying as they are just so darn comfy. Easy to pack, many don’t wrinkle, easy to wear, comfy. A+

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