The six best perks from Kimpton.

The first time I stayed at a Kimpton hotel was in 2010. It was the Hotel Vintage Plaza in Portland, Oregon, and it might have been the most impressive hotel stay of my life.

One of the reasons it was so memorable is that they pretty much spoiled us silly. Since this was before I had any kind of elite hotel status, I just assumed that they had made some kind of mistake and thought I was a different guest. I kept waiting for them to discover their error and take it all back, but they never did…because it wasn’t a mistake. That’s just the way they roll.

With that in mind, I thought I would describe a few of the perks and amenities that Kimpton offers to all of its guests- no crazy elite status or celebrity required.

Secret Password

If you know the Kimpton “secret social password,” you can use it when you check in at the front desk and score a great perk. This offer comes and goes seasonally, but if you follow Kimpton on Twitter or like them on Facebook, they will share the password with you. In the past, guests have received free room upgrades, free parking, restaurant credits, free drinks or breakfast, wine, chocolate, and more. This thread on Flyertalk shares specifics!

Easy Breezy

Any guest is welcome to leave a set of personal items with their favorite Kimpton Hotel. The hotel will keep them safe for you and they will be ready for you at check-in. This is a great perk if you like to pack light.

Extra Festive

Kimpton likes to celebrate. In the evenings, they offer a hosted wine hour, which typically includes wine and beer, but occasionally also features a specialty cocktail.

Every morning, they pour complimentary coffee and tea. Sometimes they make it gourmet, adding hot chocolate whipped up with housemade syrup, artisanal marshmallows, real whipped cream and chocolate shavings.

Amazing Pet Amenities

Kimpton welcomes pets – all pets – and they roll out the red carpet for them as well.

Each hotel also offers a special kind of travel companion – “Guppy Love.” Guests can request a live goldfish to stay overnight in their room at any Kimpton hotel across the country. Hotel staff will deliver a fishy friend to the guest’s room and handle daily feedings and care, allowing travelers to enjoy stress-free bonding.

Status All Around

The Kimpton loyalty program is free and easy to join. All members – even those who just joined – get complimentary wifi, plus a $10 credit to enjoy a craft cocktail in one of their participating restaurant bars or a libation from the in-room mini-bar.

Go Ride A Bike

Kimpton offers custom-designed PUBLIC bikes to guests free of charge. They encourage guests to “hop on one of these cherry-red babies with their orange-and-blue accents, cream tires, matching double-walled rims, brass bell and back-tire rack, and have yourself an adventure.”

And More

These are the Kimpton perks that I know and love. How about you? Have any to add? Have you had any amazing Kimpton stays lately?


  1. Kimpton is a great chain. Sometimes, I wish they had broader market coverage. Then again, being smaller is probably a part of what makes them special, and enables them to be truly different.

  2. Rebecca says:

    I love that they loan out bikes! Self tour 🙂

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