This was so accurate that it freaked me out.

Have you seen this dialect quiz yet? It pinpointed my location exactly.

Screen Shot 2014-01-18 at 9.29.39 PM

Did it do the same for you?



  1. It determined that I lived in Boston or Providence – guess I fit right in since it was correct! Thanks for the laugh!

  2. It gave me three cities (all within 60 miles of each other); I lived previously in one, and currently live within 15 miles of the other.

    Later you all πŸ˜‰

  3. I have absolutely no idea if this means anything but I was born and lived the first seven years of my life in New York City, the next 58 years in So. Cal.

    My linguistic test put me solidly in NYC. Could that possibly be right? I’ll be interested to hear other peoples results.

  4. Actually, my husband says it’s because I watch way too much “Law and Order”. πŸ™‚

  5. mileswhore says:

    Hate to say it, but remember if your IP address is accurate, the website can see it and translate it, normally, into a very narrow area within the country. I wouldn’t be so sure about this quiz.

    • I would take it here from China as I have a very neutral accent and use standard American dialect. Unfortunately the stupid government blocks the website.

  6. Points Pixie says:

    JohnD – πŸ™‚

    Mike – My 3 cities were all in California, but one was 200 miles away, one was 60 miles away, and one was exactly on target.

    Anne – Do you hang out with other New Yorkers?

    mileswhore – Hmmm. The other people I took the quiz with (on the same computer) all got different results scattered throughout the country, so not sure about this!

  7. Don’t worry about the IP address, 3 of us just took it on my mobile in Israel and I came up in Michigan where I went to school, friends came up in DC/Baltimore where they grew up.

  8. I don’t even KNOW any other New Yorkers.

  9. Well I got 3 cities in CA and 2 are northern and 1 southern and the closest is 50+ miles from my actual location.


  10. Mine came back spot-on. Grew up near DC but have lived in DFW for past 15 years. It came back with Irving and Ft Worth, both in DFW metroplex.

  11. For most similar, it tossed in 3 cities, all of which I transit a bit but have never spent more than a couple of nights a year if even that. For least similar dialects, it tossed in three cities, one of which I lived in for some formative years.

  12. Points Pixie says:

    Scott – cool! Hope it was fun for you guys (I say you guys). πŸ˜‰

    Edward – At least it got close?

    Matt B – Love it!

    GUWonder – Weird!

  13. Okay, I took the test again and was put in Texas.

    Husband who has spent his entire 71 years in California was put in Louisiana.

    Shucks, maybe we just don’t test well. πŸ™‚

  14. Born and lived in Chicago until 13 years old, then lived in Denver area for next 20 years. Quiz pinpointed two suburbs of Chicago and Aurora Colorado. Kinda freaky! I guess I picked up a little from both areas!

  15. it have 2 cities in the same metro area (San Jose & Fremont) and Santa Ana / Irvine.

    I’ve lived in San Jose for about 4 years.

    and I’m taking the survey from Asia


  16. my 3 results were w/in 50 miles of hometown, I’m taking from 2500 miles away

  17. Totally wrong! It put me in Yonkers, Jersey City or New York. I’ve never been to Yonkers or Jersey City and only visited New York City occasionally. Most of my time has been in Northern California or abroad.

  18. That was fun. I tried the quiz though I am no American and English is not my native language.
    So I guess it was no wonder that for some questions the map was all blue and for some it was all red πŸ˜‰
    Because of “sunshower” (wouldn’t come up with this word on my own, but sounded most likely) I was placed in southern Florida (Miami, Pembroke Pines, and Fort Lauderdale) for the most similar cities.
    The least similar cities were Dayton, OH, Toledo, OH, and Pittsburgh, PA.
    I’ve never been to Ohio or Pennsylvania, so that’s somehow correct. But I haven’t been to Florida either …
    But as a European I was just curious …

  19. It was fairly accurate for me, but nailed it for my wife. She spent almost her entire life in Baton Rouge, and it gave her choices as Baton Rouge, New Orleans, or Jackson, MS.

  20. I took the test from Europe (no IP tricks). I’m a 7 year immigrant form Europe, could not even answer all the questions. Easy do-able middle school? No idea. Still it figured out where iI live(d) over these 6 years: 100% hit. Impressive!

  21. Points Pixie says:

    Anne – You always crack me up!

    Kijo – interesting that you got a blend.

    Whizkid – πŸ™‚

    Rebecca – Nice!

    NB – Yonkers!?! Random.

    Ralfinho – I love that you just guessed at the answers!

    Scott M – Wasn’t it interesting?

    Walther – Yes!

  22. LOL! this was awesome! However, I got 3 cities in Texas.
    I have never been to Texas and canΒ΄t say IΒ΄m too thrilled about my results… -_-

  23. pinkisnice says:

    Nailed it for me. Three cities all in proximity to where I was born and learned to speak. Makes sense to me!

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