Time For A Summer Giveaway! Win A Pair Of Luxury Sunglasses

Summer is officially underway here at my house. We’ve been on a family trip to Hawaii, my ten-year-old daughter Bird is back from her first week of sleepaway camp, and we are just wrapping up a long, fun Fourth Of July weekend. (By the way, to clarify for those of you on the East Coast, we do sleepaway camp by the week here in California. Not for the entire summer. Californian kids wouldn’t survive that long without hot tubs and acupuncture. Just kidding.)

I hope you are all having fantastic summers of your own! In celebration of summer, I am giving away a pair of aviator sunglasses from House of Harlow.

The style of these is "Lynn" and the color is "Fog"

The style of these is “Lynn” and the color is “Fog”


These retail for $150, but they can be yours for the price of a comment. I’d love to know what you would like to read more about on the blog. What are some topics that you would like me to cover? What are you dying to know? What would be nice to learn?

Please leave one comment per person (but feel free to suggest multiple topics in your comment). I will choose the winner by random drawing on Wednesday, July 10 2013 at 10 pm PST.

Good luck!


  1. I would like to see more details of your trips, a rookie day each week detailing step by step instructions, pictures from trips, and one advance day each week. Thanks!

  2. Zoe Chow says:

    You’re doing a great job, by documenting your personal experiences. Your blog always makes always me smile, because of the humor included!

  3. Me first.

    I like to hear about travel with families and what people do to take care of the kids needs but enjoy themselves also. We travel with the grandkids a lot and since they are a decade apart and of different genders we constantly have to arrange a schedule/plan that will accommodate both of them.

    For instance, later this month we’re all going to a civil war reenactment. The 13 year old grandson totally adores this stuff and especially likes the medical info (lots of limb amputation) afterwards. Where as I will be taking four year old granddaughter to the fashion show rather than the medical tent.

    So I like to hear about travel with kids as WELL as travel as adults.

  4. schmerj says:

    Hi! First of all, I LOVE your blog. I’m very into miles and points, but really like your travel ‘style’. It gives me inspiration for future trips!
    I’d love to hear more about tools you use to plan and organize your travels. I never book package deals and usually prefer small boutique hotels and restaurants with local fare. Unless you know someone in the area, planning these types of trips takes a lot of effort (but is definitely worth it). I have a list of resources that I use, but would be itnerested in hearing more about how you attack a new project (you posted something along these lines once)!
    And then there’s organizing it…I want pictures of your binders! I need more ideas for storing/keeping track of ideas, reservations, receipts, etc.!

  5. Love your trip reports – you do a very good job with them, very entertaining!

  6. I love your posts already. I like the quick read of the must-see deals of the moment, as well as the recaps of your travel to different places. Maybe have a summary of “the best…” once every 6 months?

  7. Michael says:

    I loved your reports about bumping and hope to try that soon. Thank you.

  8. Your blog in my mail Inbox makes me smile…thanks! Keep up the “real” stuff, things we all could use. I particularly need help with travel searching and organization once the trip is put together. Would love ideas to organize digitally o eliminate the schlepping of papers.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win the sunglasses!

  9. I definitely enjoy the trip reports, so more of those.

  10. Happy to say I can’t think of anything else I’d like you to cover right now because I so enjoy everything you’re doing already! Thanks for a fun blog!

  11. Annissa says:

    I’m requesting “App-o-rama: The Sequel.” What if you’ve already acquired your sign-up points and miles and the proverbial honeymoon is over? You can tell that some cards will continue to be worth their weight in gold, but others just won’t benefit you/aren’t a good match. What are the pros and cons of canceling some short-term accounts versus hanging on and paying the annual fee for a few years for the sake of your credit score? (PS: I know I can read other points-and-miles sites for this info, but would rather hear the Pixie’s take on it!)

  12. Karen Lorenz says:

    Hi, it’s just plain fun to have a female blogger who is as big a travel hacker as I am. You and I are very different femmes style wise. I like to learn new stackable promos, using ecards, portals, etc. so that I can save money!! earn points!! travel in style.

  13. Love hearing about how you travel with your kids – I’d actually like to hear more about your early days, and that hotel in Africa you wouldn’t pee in!

  14. Kendra, since day 1 I have always been a fan of your voice and enthusiasm. I like that you take a non-traditional role in blogging – you keep it fun, hip (did I just say hip?), and addictive. Keep doing what you’re doing – PS I LOVE your catchy headlines!

  15. Natalie says:

    Trip reports!

  16. LauraPDX says:

    I am your biggest fan and your posts always make me happy.
    I think more post about how you plan your trips a year out (ie. planning what credit cards to get, how to boost the miles/points in the programs you plan to use etc.) for families would be useful.
    Just like you explained to us how many credit cards and transfers you did for your Hawaii trip.
    Hackers wannabes need to know it involves some work and discipline to do this.

  17. Matthew says:

    I’d like more information on things like Bumpage (which is what brought me here in the first place,) and on manufactured spending.

    Thanks for everything!

  18. I am loving all your knowledge on how to maximize points and minimize out of pocket costs. A sticky post with intro/beginner tips would be super helpful! Thanks 🙂

  19. Mike Dalton says:

    I love anything about traveling 🙂 New places to explore!!

    Love the blog. Thanks.

  20. I just came across your site and have already bookmarked it!

    I didnt get a chance to read through every article yet and I will. But I’d like to read more about how you find the amazing deals for airfare and hotels ie websites, blogs, forums, etc. Thanks!

  21. islandgoddess says:

    Keep it up! I’d like more info on figuring out which credit cards to get next.

  22. Lindsay says:

    I’m a newbie at this whole point and credit card thing! Single mom with three kids and I would love for you to “dumb it down” a little…like a beginners guide! How do you keep track of everything?!!

  23. I enjoy reading your blog. I want to know more about how to book travel for an entire family using miles and points. I am looking forward to your Europe family trip planning details.