We never left this Hyatt resort…because of these pools.

My family just got back from a very fun Spring Break trip to Palm Springs. We traveled with two other families, and we all stayed at the Hyatt Regency Indian Wells, which I can highly recommend.

While normally I would be able to regale you with a description of all of the activities we enjoyed off-property (Hiking! Joshua Tree! Aerial Tramway!), on this vacation, we actually never left the resort. The reason was because of their pools.

Indian Wells adult pool

First I have to say that this is highly unusual behavior for my family. I would describe our typical vacation style as active and adventurous. We love trying new things, my kids are old enough to handle almost anything we throw at them, and we don’t mind the sun, the rain, or getting dirty.

But on this vacation, these pools just reached out and grabbed us. And they didn’t let go for THREE DAYS. Granted, it was blazing hot and we all had friends to play with, but still…normally we don’t just stay in one place.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that. 😉

There are seven pools to choose from at the resort: two really big “serpentine pools,” a smaller “oval pool,” a medium-size “ribbon pool,” two kids’ pools (one with a water slide!), and a very large adult pool. There are also several hot tubs.


The pools were never very crowded at all. These photos of the serpentine pools (see above and below) were taken in the middle of the day!


The kid’s pools were too “kiddie” for my kids (who are 8 and 10) but the little kid in our group (who is 6) loved them. One has a water slide, and one is super shallow – more like a splash pool.



I can only describe the adult pool as idyllic.


Those are cabanas in the background.


There is a bar (with water misters) located steps away from the pool’s edge. Or you can just sit in your lounge chair and have a server come to you. The poolside service is EXCELLENT at this resort.


I like that they had water stations sprinkled throughout the pool area.


Cabanas are available for rent both at the adult pool and also at the “everyone” pool. Cost ranges from $75-$110 for a full day, depending on which pool you choose and which day you want.


For a little variety, the oval pool is slightly colder than the other pools.


The oval pool is located right next to one of the hot tubs, so you kind of feel like you are at a spa.


So you can see why it was hard to leave all this. We lounged, talked, splashed, swam, played, and just generally felt very lazy here. It was fantastic. If you are looking for an easy, pool-centered vacation, the Hyatt Regency Indian Wells is a great choice.

We will definitely be back.

Do you spend a lot of time poolside on vacation? What are your favorite pool resorts?



  1. JustSaying says

    So many pools and not a single lap pool……..what is the number 2 exercise old people do according to AARP………after walking they LAP SWIM………and OLD people have all the money……….so hotel industry get with the program and build LAP POOLS! It definitely changes the hotel I book……here and in Europe and beyond………more important than a club room…….

    • Points Pixie says

      JustSaying – I suppose if someone was super motivated to lap swim they could probably do it in the adult pool. It was certainly long enough. But I hear what you are saying – lap swimming does seem like a popular choice.

  2. This is something we would do….love it!

  3. Our family vacations much like yours—we like lots of action. But our favorite hotel for staying on site is the Hyatt Grand Cypress in Orlando. We LOVE the pools. There are only 2 but they are so cool. If you want a break from the pool, you can also ride bicycles, climb on the climbing wall, play volleyball, pitch & putt golf (I have no idea what that means), and enjoy the lake with canoes, kayaks, water cycles etc etc etc. I can’t get over all the stuff that’s included in the resort fee and the fact that most other hotels charge a resort fee and the only thing they have is a pool.

    • Points Pixie says

      Julie – Sounds like the Hyatt Grand Cypress is similar to the Hyatt Regency Indian Wells. We will have to try it sometime!

  4. I love the pools at the Grand Hyatt Kauai in Poipu (south side of island). They have a huge connecting system with tons of nooks, crannies, bridges, etc. They also have an adult pool, a salt water lagoon with sand beach, and I’m sure they must have a kiddie pool. I’ve never been with kids but there are usually some around. Oh and there is a 150′ waterslide too. If you get bored of their pools, the beach is just steps away.

    more photos here: http://www.bing.com/images/search?q=grand+hyatt+kauai+pool&FORM=HDRSC2

    • Points Pixie says

      Rebecca – We’ve been to that resort and it was awesome! Since we were in Kauai, we did our usual “get out an explore” thing so we actually didn’t spend too much time at the pools, but they were fantastic!

  5. To me this is just kind of sad. The reasons I travel isn’t to sit poolside, it’s to experience what I can’t experience by staying at home. Granted if you live in a colder climate sitting poolside isn’t an attractive offering, but it’s a bit disappointing that you didn’t see more than just the resort. That said, different strokes for different folks I guess.

    • Points Pixie says

      William Charles – To me there is a definite difference between “traveling” and “Spring Break with 3 families.” 😉

  6. Alex (@NoviceFlyer) says

    Mandalay bay in LV has a ton of poools too. I could spend all weekend there lol

  7. Judy from Boise says

    Really? Spring break trips are all about the pool! Anything else is just a bonus! we really like the pool at Hard Rock hotel at Universal Orlando.

    • Points Pixie says

      Judy – Yes, Spring Break is great for that, especially with kids. Everyone could use a break from the cold and also a break from thinking. 😉

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