What kind of accent do you have?

Can people tell where you’re from by your accent? I’m from California, and I don’t think anyone has ever mentioned my accent…ever. Do Californians have accents? It’s debatable.

What kind of accent do you have?

Have you seen this video by actress Amy Walker? She does 21 different accents in a little over 2 minutes.

Did she do yours? Did she get it right?



  1. heavenlyjane says:

    Yep, I am Californian and she sound just like me. She hit the Toronto accent on the nail too!

  2. There was a hint of British in Brooklyn

  3. justSaying says:

    Entertaining…….I do Texan since birth and for some strange reason the San Francisco Bay Area finds it fascinating…………

  4. Fun to watch her facial muscles adjust with each accent!

  5. Ric Garrido says:

    I attended a conference years ago where the speaker mentioned how Californian’s pronounce a word differently than pepople in other places.

    Unfortunately I don’t recall the word now, but a very common one.

    I realized I say the word in the way she pointed out for Californians. Over the following week I tested the word with about 20 other Californians and every Californian pronounced it similarly to me and differently from the woman back east.

    Apparently we do have a slight California accent.

  6. She is very talented at accents.
    I am originally from San Diego and her California accent is quite good except she didn’t say “like” or “you know” after every other word (^o^).

  7. Grew up in Texas and she is not even close, sad but also true!

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