What’s up with all the 2-for-1 drinks on American lately?

Currently, I don’t have any status on any airline. However, over the past three months, I’ve been (somewhat comically) mileage-running my way to Executive Platinum with American because of an awesome “Fast Track to Elite Status” promo.

In fact, as I write this, I am somewhere over Arizona.

The point is, I’m sitting in coach. And I have no idea why, but every time I’ve ordered a drink on my past few flights, the flight attendant winks at me and says, “How about a 2-for-1?”

Who am I to turn that down?

Is this a trend that is sweeping the skies? Has anyone else experienced this lately?

Or is it just me? (Maybe I look like I could use a double?)


  1. As a frequent traveler who almost never can afford to get out of coach, I have to say I have never experienced the two for one drinks offer. In fact I’m usually too cheap to buy any of their drinks as I figure I’ll need my wits about me on landing to get myself to the hotel. (Alcohol goes rapidly to my head.) However, once I hit my destination then all bets are off.

    However, I loved that line that maybe you looked like “you could use a double.” I think it’s the parenting. We all look like that for a couple of decades.

  2. I’ve never been offered a two fer one! I wonder if it’s an American thing. I usually fly United or Alaska. I’m super excited because next year I think i’ll have status on both airlines!! Status is a great thing. Gets me upgraded to first regularly, where you can have two-fers, three-fers, four-fers or however many you want fer-FREE!

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