Why I’m canceling my Feecation account…maybe.

About a year ago, I wrote about a company called Feecation, which is a service that works like an insurance policy for travel fees. In other words, when you check bags on a flight, pay resort fees at hotels, opt for gps in rental cars…you can get reimbursed if you submit a claim.

When you send in your claims via email, Feecation will pay you back, up to $1,250/year. Cost to join is $17/month, but they will give you the first month for free – and yes, you can submit claims during this first free month.

Doesn’t it sound great?

It actually IS great, if you do it. The problem is, after my initial flurry of claims, I got lazy. I would just shove my receipts in my wallet and tell myself I would file them later…and then I never did. So I was paying $17/month for nothing, which is a terrible deal.

Then I went through a phase for a few months where I told myself I would cancel…but I never did that either. The siren song of Feecation is strong, and the lure of the deal is great. I mean, the service can be a nice little moneymaker, (depending on how much you travel). One month I made $100!

But I’m pressing the cancel button today! Maybe.

Have you tried Feecation yet? Would you be a “responsible claim filer” or a “receipt-in-wallet stuffer”?


  1. Interesting concept… would definitley sign up if there weren’t $10 maximums!

  2. I would be the later 🙁 hope not though

  3. How did you make $100? I don’t get it

    • Points Pixie says

      Dimitri – I submitted claims totaling $100. I see it as “found money” because my claims were for expenses I was going to pay anyway – resort fees, carseats, etc.

  4. Thank you for explanation! I’ll try to use it on my upcoming trip.

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