Would you hang out with your mom in Las Vegas?

My mom is a Berkeley hippie who leads a story-worthy life. You truly never know what she is going to do next. So I was not surprised when she called me yesterday with the news that she was going to be in Vegas during the time that I’ll be there with a friend…and she wants to hang out with us.

Is that weird? Would you hang out with your mom in Las Vegas?

Before you yell, “NO!,” here’s the thing about my mom: she’s really fun. She’s filled with enthusiasm and always up for an adventure.

She also LOVES Vegas. She just sent me this email. She’s so excited about this vacation! Turns out she’s pretty dialed-in to some good tips:

Downtown most every casino has $5 promos for joining their slot clubs. The downtown casinos can get smoky IF they are crowded which they probably will not be when we are there…although they always are more lively and fun than the Strip. I LOVE downtown.  The slots ARE looser (they all have to report their wins to NV Gaming Commission).  If you have time to go downtown, maybe you could wear a turban or wrap around head scarf to protect your hair. The Golden Nugget has LOTS of fun machines.  4 Queens and Binions are good too but Golden Nugget is the best.  I also love their buffet.  It is a good price and the hot foods are hot and the cold foods cold, unlike most Vegas buffets!

I also love the Deuce bus. Tina was the one who first rode it!  You can sit up on the double decker.  $8 for 24 hours. Takes about 30 minutes to get downtown unless traffic is heavy.

So of course we’re going to meet up with her…even though this was supposed to be a family-free girlfriend getaway. 😉

Would you do the same thing? Or do you think Vegas should be a mom-free zone?


  1. About 7 years ago, I invited my mom to join me in Las Vegas for a nursing conference (she’s a nurse). My mom really wanted to watch a Cirque du Soleil show, specifically the Beatles one, but they were sold out. So we walked along the Strip to see if any of the other Cirque shows had any availability… we found one show that I never heard of that was “animal themed”… Did you know that there is a topless Cirque du Soleil show called “Zumanity”? I’m not sure which was more embarassing, watching that show with my mom or watching 40 Year Old Virgin with both my parents.

  2. hell yeah I’d do Vegas with my mom – it’s the only time I can justify going to Celine Dion shows, Cirque shows etc. Mom and I also love to play black jack.

  3. I actually went to Las Vegas with my mom last year for spring break (my senior year of college). We stayed at the Bellagio, saw O, ate a ton of good food, and did a bit of gambling! It was a good time, and I would definitely do it again!

  4. My mom hates gambling, sequins, cigarette smoke, and being hot, (kind of ironic since she named me Hottie), so I would have to say nope. But I might go with your mom.

  5. P.S. to the Points Princess, are you related to the “First Class Queen”?

  6. I usually go to Vegas 3 times each year. Usually one of those trips is with my Mom. She stays up way later than me playing slots. We always have a good time. I refused to see Celine with her. My sister went with her and my Dad and I went to Cirque.

  7. A few years ago my brother and I (in our mid/late 20s at the time) took our mom to Vegas for her 60th birthday! We saw the Cirque Elvis show and had a couple good meals. Mom played the slots, brother won at roulette, and I (having no luck at the casinos) just shopped. 🙂

  8. I really, really wish I’d been able to take my mom to Vegas. It was one place I know she wanted to visit but she passed away in 2010. We always had fun together and after taking her to Vancouver on a trip I won she trusted me to be her travel agent and tour guide. Vegas would’ve been a blast.

    • Points Pixie says

      Melissa – Thank you for the reminder that it’s important to enjoy the time we have with our moms! I’m so sorry to hear that your mom passed away. It sounds like you definitely made the most of the time you two spent together.

  9. Points Pixie says

    Point Princess – Sounds great!

    Hottie – Ha ha!

    Smitty06 – My mom stays up later than me playing slots, too!

    Tracy – Las Vegas has something for everyone 🙂

  10. While I love my mom dearly, I’m not sure Vegas would be the venue of choice to spend time together. If our time coincided there, I’d do a couple meals, but would likely leave my hang out time to with the girls. (no offense mom!)

    But I guess it all depends on the mom/daughter personalities, what might not work for me, could very well work for you! I say go for what you gut says.

  11. pinkisnice says

    For my grandma’s 80th, our whole family rented a house in Vegas. We spent lots of time on the strip together and had an amazing time. I think Vegas is a great place for random disparate groups – as long as each person is actually drawn to be there. (I went with my previous company of about 15 and a handful were SO not the Vegas types. It got a little uncomfortable until we splintered off in various directions that suited our personalities and interests.) Have a blast!


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