Would you share a bed with your boss?

I love my job, for many reasons.

I work in marketing for a company in the fashion industry, and we are so busy that the days fly by in an exciting whirlwind. We’re also small enough that it sometimes feels like being in the Wild West, where anything could happen.

Luckily, I also love my boss. She’s smart and funny and easygoing; she’s also insanely driven and talented. Working with her has been one of the best career moves I’ve ever made.

And on our last trip together, we shared a bed.

I highly recommend it. 🙂

Yes, it’s unconventional, and I’m sure it sounds strange, and some of you reading this will likely be horrified and cite numerous reasons why this is a terrible idea…but for us, it was a great (platonic!) bonding experience. Our bed was a king, and it was big enough so we each had our own space; we kept to our own sides.

We actually traveled together for an entire week, and we were together every moment, sharing flights, long drives, meals, and hotel rooms.

It’s kind of intense to spend that kind of time with anyone, and I know this wouldn’t work for everyone. I just happen to work for a small, quirky company and have a boss that I like and respect. It works for me.

What about you? Would you share a bed with your boss?


  1. Marilyn B says:

    Only because my “boss” is my husband! Otherwise , not for me. Wouldn’t even want to share a hotel room with 2 beds. Glad it works for you and that you are loving your job.

    BTW, I emailed you a link to a NY Times piece on Disney. Hope you got it.

    • Points Pixie says:

      Marilyn B – Ha!

      And thanks so much for sending the Disney piece! It got lost in my avalanche of emails, so I didn’t see it until just now. I’m going to read it on my commute home 🙂

  2. Eww…never would I share my bed with any boss. In fact, I would never share a room with a co-worker. If you are being forced to travel for work, you should have your privacy.

  3. Rebecca says:

    Current (male) boss – not a chance. Prior (female) boss who I worked for for 10 years, maybe. Generally I’m of the mindset that while traveling for work, I prefer my own private space & down time. I’ve made exceptions at “roommate required” events and will room w/a close friend colleague. As an event planner, I get the double room mandate at some of our events. It’s a huge $ saver & at many of our events there are both day & evening activities, leaving very little time spent in the room. Personally, I’d still prefer my own space (and willing to pay extra when needed).

    • Points Pixie says:

      Rebecca – I still remember your story of desperation on that United flight (when you almost paid big bucks for an upgrade to get your own space). 🙂

  4. Only if he was hot 🙂

  5. I’ve been asked to share a room with a coworker before due to limited room availability. But really, we are working professionals not backpacking college students. Only in rare circumstances would I agree to share a room with a coworker.

  6. pinkisnice says:

    I’d quit first. You are more gracious than most.

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