10-second tip: DIY in-flight cocktail kit.

I am a big fan of the cocktail. There’s something so compelling about the process of mixing a curated selection of ingredients together to achieve a tasty new drink.

However, I always feel disappointed in the bar cart selections when I fly. I mean, there are only so many Dewar’s on the rocks I can drink before the thrill is gone and it gets old. I decided to do something about this dilemma before my next flight. I’ve been hearing about the Carry On Cocktail Kit for a few months, so I thought it might be a good addition to my bag.

The kit comes packaged in a small tin, and contains:

– Recipe Card
– Spoon / Muddler
– Aromatic Bitters
– Cane Sugar
– Linen Coaster

Screen Shot 2015-05-06 at 9.13.22 PM

There are currently two options: the Gin and Tonic, and the Old Fashioned. Each kit contains the tools to mix two cocktails. This sounded good, until I saw the price: $24! Is it me, or does that seem very expensive?

So, I decided to look into other options. That’s when I learned about Bittercube bitters. These “slow crafted Midwest bitters” come in 1-oz bottles (perfect for flying!), and come in several flavors (my pick: Cherry Bark Vanilla). Cost: $10.

My plan is to pack one of these, then use it to make one of these easy in-flight cocktails:

Gin and Bitters

  • 1 mini bottle of gin
  • 3 drops bitters
  • club soda

Pour gin over ice, add bitters, top with club soda.

Old Fashioned

  • 1 mini bottle of whiskey
  • 6 drops bitters
  • 1 packet of sugar (or, if you’re prepared, a packet of agave nectar from Starbucks)

Pour whiskey over ice, add bitters, then add sugar or agave to taste.

Mamie Taylor

  • 1 mini bottle of scotch
  • As many limes as you can get (recipe calls for juice of half a lime)
  • Ginger Ale

Pour scotch over ice, squeeze in lime, top with ginger ale to taste.

How about you? Do you mix your own cocktails while you’re up in the air? What do you create? Would love to know!


  1. GDavid says:

    Gotta do it the REAL easy & cheap way: fill as many 3oz TSA compliant travel bottles with your choice of booze as you want. After you get into the terminal, pick up a 20oz Coke or Seagrams, drink a few mouthfuls, then top it up with your liquor.
    True, you don’t get an actual cocktail in a cup with ice, but you get 1)more 2) & better booze for 3)less money. Hey, you can still add some bitters if you want!

  2. pinkisnice says:

    What am amazing idea. I love your workaround too. My favorite airline cocktail has a few Rx’s mixed in…

  3. Rebecca says:

    I’m more of a social drinker, and rarely drink on flights (even when in first class and it’s all complimentary). However that little kit is awfully cute! But $24 is a bit steep for a make it yourself drink w/o the alcohol.

  4. Agreed on the kit being way overpriced. Was thinking of doing a DIY version myself. Only thing to keep in mind is that its against federal regulations to bring your own alcohol for consumption on a plane. You can bring alcohol, but just can’t drink it on a plane (The airline has to overcharge you accordingly 😉 None of that is to say that you can’t do it….just don’t get caught!

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