Hosting a party for National Mom’s Nite Out.

I’ve been much too busy lately, and I needed a break. So, it was perfect timing when the folks from National Mom’s Nite Out notified me that I had been selected to host a mom party. They would provide goodies, I would provide moms, and we would enjoy a fun evening. Sounded good to me! Normally, I spend my Thursday evenings doing typical parent-type stuff (making dinner, helping with homework, supervising teeth brushing…), but on May 7, I threw caution to the wind, sent my family out, and invited a few friends over.

I was thrilled to get treats from Pepperidge Farm, ChexMix, Cheezits, Bicycle Playing Cards, and MyPrintly. They were perfect for our relaxed evening of hanging out, and I got extras to make goodie bags, so everyone could take some home.

national mom's nite out



national mom's nite outMom’s Nite Out was a great chance to reconnect and recharge. We drank wine, caught up on each other’s lives, and just sat in one place for awhile.

Did you know that National Mom’s Nite out was a thing? I actually had no idea before a few weeks ago. I love the idea, and I’m planning on incorporating it into my life. Sometimes it’s good to just take a break, with no expectations and no agenda.

Happy Mother’s Day.


  1. Rebecca says:

    Happy Mother’s Day!! Sounds kinda like House Party (who I’ve finally given up on as they never select me) – looks like loads of fun! And, ummm. I LOVE those silver canisters.

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