2,500 Avios for free! (Well, almost free – you do need a kid)

Got kids?  Sign them up for the Iberia Plus Kids program and earn a cool 2,500 Avios per little head.  Just fill out this registration form and email it to ibplusmenores@iberia.es.  You can use your kid’s Social Security number if he or she doesn’t have a passport.  Your children must be ages 2-11 and the deadline is August 31, 2012.

A couple of great things about this offer: first, you can transfer Iberia points to Avios points.  You can then combine Avios points with the other people in your household.  So if you’ve got a couple of kids, this is a nice boost for your family account.  You can score a one-way flight using as few as 4,500 Avios, so when you stack the points from this bonus, somebody could fly somewhere for free!

I signed Bird and Bear up for the offer and within a couple of weeks, they each received a cute little welcome pack that included a beach ball and brightly colored luggage tags.  Inspired by the Olympics, they played indoor beach volleyball for the entire time it took me to write this post.  So I guess that would be another benefit: a little bit of time for yourself.

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