Never a Dull Moment

So, I registered for the Frequent Traveler University yesterday.  I was (and am!) super excited, because this will be my first frequent flyer meet-up event!  I can hardly wait.

I was looking forward to the moment Josh walked in the door, for several reasons:

  1. I wanted to tell him all about the FTU.  I knew he wouldn’t really listen, but I didn’t really care: I just wanted to tell someone who could nod and smile at the right places.
  2. The kids were tired and cranky.  Bird had been on a 2-night sleepover at camp, and Bear was having some issues about whose Pokemon cards were whose (not exactly sure what was going on because he kept getting so frustrated that he would growl and screech instead of talking).
  3. My neck was full of knots and I was hoping that Josh could give me like, a one minute massage.

But then Josh called to say he would be home late.  ARGH!  I sprinted to the kitchen and immediately made myself a Manhattan.  I knocked it back pretty quickly and then felt tons better.  Bird was downstairs watching some illicit Disney Channel show (illicit because they are proven to make kids sassier, at least in my house) and I had given in to Bear’s tearful demands and let him play games on the ipad, so I actually had a few minutes of calm.  What does any slightly tipsy mom do with a few moments of calm?  Exactly – LAUNDRY!

So I was downstairs, unsteadily shoving mounds of camp-dirty laundry into the washing machine, when Bear came rushing in.  “The mail came,” he told me, dumping a pile of magazines and envelopes on the floor in front of me.

I gave him a big hug.  I love the mail.  I snatched it up and paged through it excitedly, and suddenly my day was 1000% better: I got a pin code!!

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