Time to Get Real

Part of the reason that I got into this hobby was because I love reading other travel blogs, especially the ones focused on Points and Miles.  I’m intrigued by how other people find great deals and put their own spin on them.  I enjoy hearing about where people go, what they do, and how much money they save by earning and using Points and Miles.

But lately something’s been kind of nipping at my heels.  It started out as kind of a vague feeling, but it’s grown stronger and more persistent every time I read another chirpy, excited post from an upbeat, friendly blogger.  Because you know what?  I can’t always relate to their worlds.

I mean, one of them’s got an adorable toddler who loves princesses and the park, while I’ve got two amazing but often challenging big kids who sometimes talk back, gang up on me, and slam doors in my face.  Another’s got a close-knit extended family who does things like have BBQ’s and go on trips together; if I had to describe my relationship with my extended family on Facebook, I would have to say “it’s complicated.”

So while I absolutely love reading about life from other blogger’s perspectives, I’d also like to put another point of view out there.  I cherish my kids but I also think they act like total buttheads sometimes.  I love my husband to eternity but I occasionally wish he would sleep on the couch.  My family loves to travel, but when we do, we usually get into at least one gigantic fight.

But that’s the great thing about the Internet: there’s room enough for all of us in this town.  I’d actually love to be friends with the jolly bunch of travel bloggers.  We could get together and talk about Points and Miles while the adorable toddler played happily and my two kids came to blows about whose turn it was to walk through the door first.

And in the meantime, I’m gettin’ real.

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