Are you living in the right state? A fun personality test.

I love personality tests.

Which state matches your personality?

Before I peeked at this test, I would have said that Californians (ahem!) were the most extroverted and open-minded…but I would have been wrong on both counts!

  • The most extroverted state is Wisconsin
  • The most introverted state is Vermont
  • The most open-minded (but least agreeable) state is Washington D.C.
  • The least neurotic (and most agreeable) state is Utah

us personality test

I got Georgia! Which state did you get? You can take the quiz here to find out!


  1. pinkisnice says:

    I love stuff like this. I got Georgia too, but it hasn’t inspired any plans to move out of California…(ahem) Northern California. But maybe I’ll start planning a mileage run to Georgia to take a peek!

    • Points Pixie says:

      pinkisnice – Interesting that you got Georgia as well! I wonder if my readers all belong to a certain demographic 😉

  2. Bummed they didn’t include hawaii/alaska! Their quiz link isn’t working on the mobile phone, will try later, though surely results won’t be accurate w/o Hawaii. One thing for certain, I need sunshine and mild/warm temperatures.

  3. Georgia for me as well.

  4. I got Georgia, too. I think this thing is rigged by the Georgia Tourism Board.

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