The Alfonso Ribiero factor.

This is an awesome story all around.

A guest made a flip, funny request when filling out his reservation information for a stay at theĀ Leesville/Ft. Polk Hampton Inn…

hampton inn request

…and they rocked it!

Do you ever use the “Additional Comments” space to make special requests? What’s the most interesting thing you’ve ever asked for (and received)?

Screen shot 2013-11-09 at 9.13.30 AM


  1. Oh my! The only request I ever enter in that field (consistently, btw) is a quiet room away from elevator & ice machine. But now that you’ve got me thinking…..

  2. You had me at “Alfonso.”

  3. while I never ask for anything special- I did have experience in which the Hotel Monaco in Chicago ask if we wanted a gold fish for our room….YES!

  4. Most hotels can’t even get my “no feather pillows” request right. This is impressive!

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