Awesome amenities, edible dirt, and free yuzu bath salts. All in one post.

As you may already know, my family is going on a big trip this summer: we’re spending 31 nights in Tokyo, Kyoto, Paris, and Barcelona. Since we’re starting our trip next month (!), I’ve been doing some research on our destinations, and in my online scanning, I came across a refreshing find: Tokyo Hyatt Fan.

I love it when a talented new blogger hits the scene. This guy can write, he’s got a unique point of view, and he’s funny as well. What more could you want?

I reached out to the Tokyo Hyatt Fan to see if he had any tips for us, and he obliged with an entire post! That’s what I call service 🙂

So, my post today is one he wrote for Points and Pixie Dust readers about the Park Hyatt Tokyo. If you like it, please visit his blog. Even if you aren’t currently planning a trip to Japan, I think we could all use a little escapism in our everyday lives (it doesn’t hurt to dream!), and Tokyo Hyatt Fan is well worth a daily read.



Greetings Points and Pixie Dust Readers! This is the Tokyo Hyatt Fan, owner of the blog of the same name. Many thanks to Kendra for inviting me here to write a post about the topic that I am most passionate about: the Park Hyatt Tokyo!

The Park Hyatt Tokyo has everything that you can ask for in an aspirational hotel: top notch services and facilities, a distinctive, luxurious design, and a rich history, not to mention having the most iconic hotel movie appearance of the 21st century. But, while there is no wrong way to enjoy this hotel, it can take several visits before getting a handle on all of the possibilities that exist. Today, I’d like to discuss a few of my favorite features of a Park Hyatt Tokyo stay that are either easy to overlook, or difficult to discover.

First, a few suggestions that any paying guest may take advantage of:

Free Bicycle Rental: If the weather is nice, why not explore the three nearby parks by bicycle? The hotel will supply everything you need from bikes, to protective gear, to biking maps. My personal favorite: picking up box lunches at the Delicatessen and having a picnic lunch at Shinjuku Gyoen.

Free Exercise and Stretching Programs: There are over a dozen different activities throughout the week offered free of charge to staying guests by the Club on the Park. From yoga classes, to total body workouts, to pool exercises, to aromatherapy stretching sessions, you can enjoy world class training in one of the most beautiful facilities on the planet. Sometimes the classes are so empty it’s like receiving a private lesson! My personal favorite: the Good Night Sleep Stretch on Thursday and Saturday nights. For information on what’s available when, see the online schedule, or contact

1pm Check-in on Weekdays: Most people seem to be under the impression that check-in for this hotel is 3pm. While that is true on the weekends, from Monday to Friday check in is at 1pm. This is the least busy time in the hotel throughout the day, so check-in should be smooth and the pool area largely deserted. If the timing works out, do not pass up on two valuable hours in the Park Hyatt Tokyo!

If you happen to be a Hyatt Gold Passport Diamond member, there are even more exciting benefits to take advantage of, such as:

Everything You Need at Club on the Park: Diamonds not only get free access to the Club on the Park spa facilities (normally 4200 yen per person per night), but free rental of anything they need to enjoy the other facilities: shoes, socks, shorts, sweats, swimsuits, and maybe some other words that begin with S that I’m forgetting. And don’t worry if you’re a special size: I’ve seen size 16 shoes and 4XL clothes being offered. They’ve got you covered. Literally!

Choice of Diamond Amenities: Of course you are able to choose 1000 points, but I highly suggest giving the Park Hyatt Tokyo food/beverage amenity a try. Whatever they offer is bound to be good…but if there’s something special that you would like, just mention it, and there’s a good chance that they will comply.

On our first trip to the Park Hyatt Tokyo, we received this lovely strawberry amenity with five different dipping items:

Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 8.18.38 PM

We tried a couple of other items on other stays, but nothing moved us quite as much as this treat. The next time, we specifically asked if “the strawberries on sticks” were available, and they happily made it for us. Now we always ask what the proposed amenity will be, but we generally choose this.

A note for those that decide to try this based on my recommendation: it took me a year to discover that the “dirt” that the strawberries are stuck into is edible. And it’s the best part! Don’t let it go to waste!

Room Service Breakfast: By all means, you should check out the spectacular Girandole breakfast buffet at least once. But if a leisurely breakfast in your room is more your style, you may also receive your Diamond Breakfast as room service at no charge. While they won’t bring the buffet to your room, you do have a choice of an American Breakfast with eggs cooked to your liking, a Japanese Breakfast, or a Healthy Balance Breakfast. I’m afraid I can’t tell you which one to choose: they are all my favorite!

I’ve only barely covered the tip of the iceberg, but I hope that these samples of what you can experience can convey why the Park Hyatt Tokyo is my favorite luxury hotel in the world. I hope that you may experience it for yourself soon!

The Tokyo Hyatt Fan writes about everything Tokyo Hyatt related at and can occasionally be found on Twitter at TokyoHyattFan. On June 11th, he will be at the grand opening of the Andaz Tokyo Toranomon Hills, doing an insane amount of live blogging and tweeting, and taking and answering as many questions as he possibly can. He is also trying to give away some Yuzu bath salt.



  1. Rebecca says:

    Thanks Tokyo Hyatt Fan! This hotel looks fantastic and I’d love to visit sometime!

    the strawberries look delicious and I’m curious what the dirt tastes like


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