Beware the Uber code.

Over the past few months, Uber has been really generous with their discounted rides and promo codes. New users have been able to rack up bonuses of up to $75, which have been good across multiple Uber rides. This is a fantastic deal, and one that I know many readers were able to put to good use.

Personally, I am a big fan of Uber in certain situations, and I’m a huge fan if you are able to use a high-dollar bonus to offset the cost of your ride.

However, I’ve noticed a trend with recent Uber bonuses. A new promo code will hit the scene, then within a few hours or days, the code is restricted to a certain area (Orange County, Chicago, etc.). In other words, Uber changes the terms of the code once they realize that the code is being used nationwide (when they probably meant it to be used in one market).

This is a bummer because if you don’t know that the code is for restricted-use only and you apply it to your account, then you are stuck with that sign-up code AND you aren’t a new user anymore – which means that even if you don’t/can’t use that particular code, you can’t attach a “better” one to your account.

My suggestion: before you use a code, Google it to verify that it hasn’t become too specific for your needs. Sure, this is an extra step in the process, but it could save you a chunk of change.

Has this happened to you? Has anyone been able to persuade Uber to take a code off an account once it was applied?




  1. We just used Uber in Dubai with my husband’s new user codes. They didn’t end up applying even though there weren’t any specifics on the codes about where they could be used. I think he ended up calling and they refunded the cost for us.

  2. I don’t know if you’ve noticed this, but Uber will detect whether you have a credit on your app and then charge you a surge price if you do. This is why I use lyft.

  3. have not experienced this but i do find uber delightful

  4. Marriott Marty says

    I signed up for a new account which got $20 and then added the C2E2 promotion code for $40 off the first ride, which was accepted. I have not yet used Uber on this account.
    I referred a friend for the $20 referral and told her about the C2E2 promotion code, which when she entered it was limited to the Chicago area and thus she is out of luck attempting to apply a different promotion code.

    My question is whether Uber will honor my $40 first ride promotion code which was entered and accepted prior to the code changing to a more limited Chicago only code. Does anyone have experience or know the answer? Is my $40 first ride promotion going to be changed after the fact? [I hope not].

  5. Points Pixie says

    Erica – Good to know that you called and got good results!

    NT – NO! I did not notice that!! Hmmm…

    Rebecca – I like Uber as well, but not for every occasion.

    Marriott Marty – I am wondering the same thing! If anyone out there knows, please share!

    • Marriott Marty says

      Although Uber showed “success” when I entered the $40 first ride promotion code, I do not see anything in the promotion section of my Uber account. Should I? (Only the space to enter a promotion code…)

  6. try this code uberfreeone to get $100 or AED100 derhams in dubai


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