Finally! A use for those shower caps.

a gold ring and earrings in a small box

Just for fun, here are five easy travel hacks:

1. Wrap each shoe in a shower cap before packing in your suitcase. Or…use the caps to cover the TV remote.

shower cap over shoes

2. Pop your camera into a hard plastic soap case to protect from damage.


3. Pack your necklaces in straws to keep the chains from tangling.

necklace in straw

4. Pack small earrings or rings in a pillbox.

rings in pillbox

5. Use an empty Tic Tac case to store bobby pins or barrettes.

bobby pin tic tac

Have you used any of these? Do you have any other good ones?



  1. Some of us actually use shower caps for their intended purpose and lament their disappearance from many mid-priced hotels. Fortunately, I’ve amassed quite a collection!

  2. These are great! I’m so excited about the shower cap tip in particular. Shoe-bottoms are gross. I used to work with a guy who would cross a leg over one knee and then mindlessly drum his fingers over the sole of his raised shoe. He’d be in a meeting, trying to make his point or whatever and all I could think was, how infested everything he touches must be. I’ve yet to institute a no-shoe policy in my house (though I keep meaning to), but it’s a never-broken rule in my suitcases. Thanks for making it easier!

  3. PSL – Eloquently said!

    pinkisnice – So glad you enjoyed. We are a no-shoe house and it has made a huge difference in dirt/dust in general.

  4. Since it is a never ending struggle to keep my sort of beige colored carpet clean I love the idea of a “no shoe” policy. But my retired man unit is in and out of the garage/workshop/man cave all day long working on his projects and often on mine. I wouldn’t dare ask him to keep taking his shoes on and off.

    As they say, pick the hill you want to die on.

  5. Wow! so creative I love the straw. I had no idea!
    Any interesting ways to haul around alcohol? I usually use a plastic first aid kit box, but unfortunately need more room for a trip this week :-p

    1. Diego – I actually love the plastic first aid box idea and will be stealing it.

      A thought if you’re on a road trip – how about a traveling bar kit? Very classy. 😉

  6. Love the straw idea! I, too, use shower caps at hotels as shower caps, and save when not needed for travel since so many hotels don’t stock anymore.

    for shoes, I have canvas shoe bags which are wonderful, and regularly used. I too have a shoe free house!

  7. Shower caps are great for a left over plate of food. Better than Saran Wrap or aluminum foil. The elastic slips right over a plate or bowl or container without a lid. Try it!

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