Free $50 Lyft credit – highest bonus ever!

This is the best first-time user bonus I have ever seen for Lyft. It’s a free ride up to $50. This is twice the amount of their normal sign-up bonus ($25).

How to get this free $50 credit:

  1. Download the Lyft app on your iphone or Android.
  2. Enter code SLICKDEALS in the Settings > Payment > Lyft Credits area.

Note: the above offer may be dead! If it no longer works for you, I’ve put together a round-up of the most recent rideshare promos and deals here. There are a lot of them out there right now.

If you haven’t tried Lyft yet, I encourage you to do it! I’ve had so many fun conversations with Lyft drivers and (this is going to sound hokey, but I’ll say it anyway) feel like I’m more connected to my community because of the rides I’ve taken with Lyft. It’s kind of a bonding experience, but not in a weird way.

I’ve written a lot about Lyft recently. You can read about my first Lyft experience here, my second one here, and my most recent one here.

If you want more information about Lyft, I wrote about details here, and about how to maximize your credits here.

If you need any more reasons to give it a try, now the first-time rider bonus is worth more with Lyft than it is with Uber.

Recently, Uber changed their policy about allowing first-time users to stack discount codes. In the past, if you were a new user, you could get a fantastic deal by using two codes at once – a referral code plus a bonus code. Together, these codes were worth up to $75 in free rides – a nice chunk of change. However, now you can only use ONE code for your new-user incentive. Currently, the best ones I’ve seen are worth $20…which doesn’t get you very far. So the days of Uber deals may be over.

Time to give Lyft a try? You might just love it.

HT: SlickDeals


  1. How long does that credit last? Is it a limited time or “forever”?

  2. I found it.. doesn’t expire!!

    • Points Pixie says

      patrick – here are the terms I see listed:

      – Good for 1 free ride (up to $50)
      – No rollover balance
      – Only for new users (never taken a ride AND never redeemed a code before)
      – Expires end of the year

  3. easy victor says

    Too bad they require a Facebook login to use the app. I won’t allow 3rd parties to access my FB data anytime.

    • Points Pixie says

      easy victor – I have an alternate FB account for this reason.

    • Lyft doesn’t require facebook anymore and even if it did nobody gives a damn about what’s on your particular facebook. A company as widespread as lyft is pretty trustworthy. What exactly are you people scared of? Lyft drivers will see your profile picture? Old people are so scared of the internet and credit card numbers and online privacy when the reality is that there’s absolutely nothing to be scared of??? I’m just so baffled because old people are scared of everything. I hope I’ll never become a suspicious, scared old person.

  4. Joselyn Contreras says

    Thank you!!

  5. Thanks! Since I’ll be in two Lyft cities before the end of 2014 I went for it. Usually these offers expire within a few weeks so I have held off. Much appreciated.

  6. pinkisnice says

    I’ve been waiting for the motivation to download and set myself up with Lyft. You just gave it to me. Done and done. Thank you so much!

  7. Thanks Kendra. Downloaded and ready to ride.

  8. You have to login with Facebook to use Lyft?? If so, I’m out…

  9. Having to sign in through Facebook sucks and is not too bright of Lyft. Duh. Why not also allow sign in via email? I don’t want to sign in through Facebook and also don’t want to make a separate Facebook account just for this. Thanks, but no thanks. I’ll stick to Uber.

  10. Still working 🙂 just signed up

  11. good for 1 free ride up to $50 and 10 free rides up to $25

  12. I tried SLICKDEALS but “this code is not valid in [your] city.” Sucks!!

  13. same here…tried SLICKDEALS but “this code is not valid in [your] city.”


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