Great odds for a free stay at the Cosmopolitan hotel in Vegas.

A few months ago, I went to Vegas with a friend. We spent part of an evening at the Cosmopolitan hotel, and while we were there, we signed up for the Identity Club, which is the Cosmopolitan’s loyalty program.

At the time, the Cosmopolitan was running a great promotion: if you signed up for the Identity Club, then played the slots that same day and lost $100, they would put $100 back into your account. This was perfect for us. We spent an hour or so playing slots, during which time we each lost our $100, so we happily went and replenished our accounts, then played some more! My friend walked away with a couple hundred bucks, while I lost fifty or so (I would say that’s just about right for Vegas, wouldn’t you?). The point is that we really didn’t spend that much or play for too long.

However, since that time, I have received fantastic offers from the Cosmopolitan, trying to entice me to return. Every offer is the same:

Screen Shot 2014-09-10 at 7.00.26 PM

terrace studio cosmo

I haven’t been able to take them up on the offer yet, so they keep sending it to me. I’ve had the same offer on the table – continuously – since July 10, 2014.

This is amazing to me! When I checked a couple of random nights in October, the rack rate was $683.

cosmo offer 2

I really want to use this offer, but so far I just haven’t had the chance. Maybe it’s time to book another girlfriend getaway.

If you are planning a trip to Vegas, I would say that signing up for the Identity Club is definitely worthwhile.

Has anyone else received this offer (or a similar one from another casino loyalty club)? I’d love to hear your experiences!


  1. The loss rebate offer has been discontinued.

  2. The Cosmo is my go to hotel now, the rooms are great and the hotel is in a nice mid-strip location. They are pretty aggressive with the offers as well.

  3. I did two comp nights with them a few weeks ago for an offer which permitted every day. The best part of the comp nights is no resort fee.

  4. I got the same, except they offered $200/night resort credit.

  5. Wow – I have Gold status with Identity for having accumulated over 5K points in a 12 month period, but sounds like they are offering better deals to those who rarely stay – that is disappointing! I only seem to be getting the following: Can you please share the offer code for the one you are receiving?

    exclusive offer for you

    Book two nights and receive $50 on us to discover every aspect of our resort.

    Enjoy 2 dining experiences at Wicked Spoon, a bustling dining haven that invites discovery and satisfies cravings.

    Game on us in our vibrant casino where the latest in technology meets the familiar games you’ve grown to love.

    call 877.388.6916


    • Points Pixie says

      Angie – That is disappointing! I think everyone’s offer code is exclusive, but I am going to email you privately.

  6. This is my favorite Vegas hotel but it’s so freaking spendy. I’ll be in Vegas in a month and my first stop will be the Identity Club! Do you think it’s better to do it in person versus online? Any extra perks? Thank you!!!

    • Points Pixie says

      stephanie – I would do it in person. That way, if there happen to be extra perks, you will find out about them 🙂

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