Having a Holiday Party? Need to Buy Holiday Gifts? Get 25% off EVERYTHING at Costco.

I’m a lapsed Costco member myself.  While I love filling up my cart (and my pantry) with discounted essentials, my “Costco runs” double as social outings, because I go with friends who are Costco members.  So it didn’t make sense for me to join, just for the sake of having my own Costco card.

Until today!

I just learned that AmEx and Costco are teaming up to offer a great Holiday promotion online.  By linking your eligible AmEx card through their “Link, Like, Love” site, you can get 25% off anything and everything, both in-store and online.  (The total amount you can save depends on the number of eligible AmEx cards you have).  I am personally planning on splurging on premium beverages and treats for the holidays, but of course you could also stock up on Ziploc bags and Kleenex.











Anyway, here’s the deal:

1.  Go to the Link, Like, Love Facebook page and sync your AmEx card.  Not every AmEx card seems to work with this promotion.  I tested it with my Starwood Preferred Guest AmEx and it worked just fine, but when I used my HHonors AmEx it did not work.

My guess is that branded AmEx cards do not work with this promotion, so if you stick with a regular AmEx (Green, Gold, Platinum, SPG) you should be fine.

Hint: you can always create a second Facebook account for your alter-ego.  Syncing your real AmEx card works fine, even if you are doing it through your alter-ego’s Facebook account.  








2.  You can sync multiple cards across multiple accounts (Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare).  You can sync one card with only one account, so if you’ve got more than three AmEx cards, you will need more than three accounts.

In fact, getting all of your AmEx cards synced with all of your accounts now is a good idea, in preparation for Small Business Saturday.  (In case you don’t know, Small Business Saturday is another AmEx promo that happens the Saturday after Thanksgiving.  On this day, you can get a $25 credit on each of your AmEx accounts by shopping at numerous small businesses in your area).  I will post details as soon as I hear them!

3.  Go to Costco.com and purchase a $100 Costco cash card.  Use your synced AmEx card to buy it.  You should get a $25 credit on your next statement!



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