I Think I Love AmEx

A few days ago I posted about the “Link, Like, Love” promotion sponsored by AmEx and Costco.  If you sync your AmEx card with your Facebook, Foursquare, or Twitter account, you can get a $25 credit on a $100 Costco.com purchase.  Essentially, this means a 25% discount on everything, because you can buy a Costco cash card online and use it in-store.

The only problem was that while I synced 3 cards across 3 different accounts (Facebook, Foursquare, and Twitter), the $25 credit only posted on one of the accounts.  I decided to call AmEx.

I anticipated a long hold time and a frustrating call, but much to my surprise, I was instantly connected to the most delightful customer service rep I have ever spoken to in my entire life.  He was super friendly, cheerful, and intelligent.  He quickly offered me a $25 bonus credit for my troubles, then connected me with an equally fabulous tech support rep, who efficiently looked into my account and saw that I actually hadn’t synced it.  Really?  Oops.  Hmm, maybe I hadn’t.  I do remember getting sidetracked by Bear asking whether I would let him eat 3 lollipops at once.  Instead of making me feel stupid, the rep promised to “escalate” the issue and assured me that I would get the credit anyway, because she could see that I had made the effort and they wanted to encourage people to use AmEx with social media.  In other words, she gave me a gold star for trying.

Amazing.  I just made $50 in 5 minutes.  I’m actually looking forward to my next phone call with AmEx.  Has anyone else had any Awesome AmEx moments recently?  For me, the “Link, Like, Love” promo really lived up to its name.

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