Helping a co-worker travel: what would you do?

A co-worker of mine is taking his first-ever business trip to New York next month. Needless to say, he’s super excited, especially because it’ll be his first trip to NYC. Since he knows more than he wants to about my points and miles hobby (we sit next to each other in the office), he’s aware that he could rake in some extra points and miles if he plans wisely. He’s asked me for advice, and I’ve steered him in a certain direction, but now I’m kind of curious what others might have advised (maybe he’ll change his mind if someone suggests a better option)!

A few things:

  1. My friend hasn’t done much traveling, and isn’t too sure about his comfort level in navigating the subway and the city streets, so he doesn’t want to hotel hop.
  2. Currently, he doesn’t have status with any hotel chain, and he doesn’t have many stays planned for the rest of the year, so he won’t be on track to earn status, either – in other words, he’s a free agent and can stay at any hotel!
  3. Since he’s traveling for work, he’d like to try to stick to a budget of $250/night.
  4. He’s looking for a hotel that has a great gym and isn’t too far from a subway station.

Under the circumstances, I steered him towards the current Rocketmiles promo – he will earn 5,000 United miles if he books a reservation via the Rocketmiles mobile app with promo code “UMP5000” OR via using this promotional link ( by 11:59PM CT on 31 July 2015.

rocketmiles promoWhat do you think? Do you have a better suggestion? I (and my co-worker) would love to hear!


  1. I think you’re on the right track. Where is his office going to be? I suggest as a first timer to NYC, he should pick a hotel where he could walk to/from work so he can get acclimated to vibe in the city. I don’t think NYC is for everyone. I feel people either hate it or love it. As a New Yorker, I’m biased since I think it’s the best city =)

    • Points Pixie says:

      Ang – I think you’re right! You know I love New York as well. Good advice about walking to the office.

  2. AlohaDaveKennedy says:

    The Rocketmiles advice seems sound to me. Hopefully your friend is not on one of those New York flights that actually land in Newark.

  3. Not points related but tip #32 on this list is critical to follow 🙂

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