Why I was bummed to get a free night from Hyatt.

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Last month, I was in Charleston for a couple of nights on a work trip. My flight arrived late on a Monday night, so I booked a night at the Hyatt Place Charleston Airport and Convention Center. However, once I landed, I got a call from the hotel. They had overbooked, and they wondered if I would be okay with staying at the nearby Hyatt Place North Charleston instead…for free?

I agreed. But now I wish I hadn’t! Why? Because apparently my free night was “off the books,” and it didn’t count towards the 25 nights I need to requalify for Diamond status.

Grr! I didn’t realize this until after I got home and checked my Hyatt account, then called the Hyatt Gold Passport hotline to confirm that the stay was indeed undocumented – it had been an agreement between the two hotels. Although I had made sure to give to front desk rep my Gold Passport number when I checked in, I hadn’t confirmed that the number “stuck” when I checked out. I’m extra bummed because I had a great rate AND my job was paying for the trip.

Lesson learned: if you ever get “walked” from a hotel, make sure that you really want what they’re offering.

Have you ever been walked? What happened?


  1. Yes.

    It occurred at a Marriott hotel property on Long Island in New York years ago, which was overbooked when I arrived with a confirmed reservation late at night.

    I was “walked” to a better Marriott property. Like you, the stay wound up being complimentary — but unlike you, I did receive credit.

    I personally would call Hyatt Gold Passport again to try to receive credit for your stay, Kendra. You have nothing to lose — other than a few minutes of your time…

    1. Brian – I called them once, but you’re right, I should definitely call again. A paid Hyatt stay is like gold!

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