Hotel review: Park Hyatt Paris Vendome.

I loved this hotel.

Perhaps it was the lighting. Maybe it was the art. It could have easily been the amenities. Or the staff. Or the vibe. Or the space itself.

Whatever it was, I am a huge fan. And for me, it was worth every Hyatt point I spent.

park hyatt light fixture

By the time we arrived at the Vendome, we had already been in Paris for six nights – four at the Radisson Blu Le Metropolitan, and two at the Radisson Blu Champs Elysees. Before that, we had been in Kyoto for ten nights and Tokyo for five nights. We had already walked well over 120 miles on our trip, and we had the worn-in shoes and callused feet to prove it.

We were absolutely ready for a little luxury and pampering, and that is exactly what we got here.

From the shining moment we arrived until the moment we reluctantly departed, we enjoyed the heck out of this property. Every single moment. Every detail. We appreciated it all.

Here’s our review…

Check In.

The check-in process was easy and enjoyable. Josh is a Hyatt Diamond member, so he was offered a choice of either 1,000 Hyatt points or a bottle of red wine as a welcome amenity. As it was our last night in Paris, and we knew we were meeting my friend Hottie for dinner on the town that night, we chose the points.

The friendly front desk agent also explained that as we were staying as Diamond members we had a choice of breakfast in the gorgeous Les Orchidees restaurant, or we could order room service – and either option would be complimentary.

We knew we were going to choose the restaurant option, as we had heard that the buffet is delicious…and the space itself is gorgeous.

les orchidees park hyatt paris


We had reserved two connecting rooms, as there are four of us, which puts us over the occupancy limit for a single room or even a suite. This cost us a whopping 30,000 Hyatt points per room, for a total of 60,000 points. I have to say – for us it was worth the splurge.

One of our rooms was a regular-sized Park Queen room, while the other was an upgraded Park King Deluxe.

park hyatt paris park king deluxe

The sheets were dreamily soft, and the mattress was perfectly firm – a delightful combo, at least for us.

Both rooms had a beautiful view of the courtyard.

park hyatt paris courtyard

The thing I liked best about the rooms was the aura of quiet. It was as if all sounds were enveloped in thick, fluffy cotton before they entered the space. My kids’ happy laughter and chatting – which can sometimes get a little shrill and cause us to shush them in public spaces if they get a little too giddy – sounded simply soothing and harmonious. I’m not sure if this was an actual or an imagined phenomenon, but whichever it was, it was very relaxing.

The lighting in the rooms, and the way the light fell through the windows, was also lovely. The light fixtures themselves were works of art.

park hyatt paris sculpture

The bathroom was very large. My favorite part was the huge tub, perfect for a long soak using the special Blaise Mautin amenities. I loved the lemony scent.

park hyatt paris bathroom

There were loads of amenities provided, and even though we were only there for a night, housekeeping replenished the ones we had during our stay (when we went out for a few hours).

park hyatt paris bathroom

Here is a video of the Park Queen room. Not the best video, but hopefully it will give you an idea of what it was like.

Breakfast in Les Orchidees.

We did decide to have our breakfast in Les Orchidees instead of having room service, and we are very glad that we made this decision, because it was delicious, and the setting was beautiful. The breakfast buffet normally costs 50 euros, so we were grateful that we got it for free due to Josh’s Hyatt Diamond status. Because there are four of us, this would have cost 200 euros (over $250)…not that we would have paid that much for breakfast! To more accurately describe it, this was more like a very filling brunch.

breakfast park hyatt paris

The croissants they serve here are absolutely the best we had in Paris.

croissants park hyatt paris

There was also a bounty of other flaky, buttery breakfast pastries to choose from.

breakfast pastries park hyatt vendome

If you were in the mood for something less rich, there was a nice selection of breads.

bread park hyatt paris

Plus there were many choices of fish, meats and cheeses.

smoked salmon park hyatt paris

charcuterie park hyatt paris

cheese park hyatt paris

Of course there were plenty of accompaniments.

buffet park hyatt paris

Josh decided that he wanted something ultra decadent, so he ordered the morel mushroom omelet. Even though it was not a selection that was normally included in the buffet menu, they brought it without question, and didn’t charge us for it. If you are a mushroom lover, you know that this was a special treat. 😉

morel mushroom omelet Park Hyatt Paris

The buffet also featured a nice selection of yogurt, fruit, and cereals…something for everyone.


After brunch, we took a family trip to the spa. Although kids are normally not allowed here, the very nice woman at spa reception allowed our kids to go in. It might have been because I was able to explain in French that our family frequently enjoys hot tubs and saunas together…or perhaps it was simply the magic of the Vendome.

In any case, we all went in. We were the only ones there, so we had the steam room, jacuzzi and sauna all to ourselves. This was a wonderful thing before the dry air of our next plane ride to Barcelona.

Why this was worth it for us.

We spent a total of 60,000 hard-earned Hyatt points for one night at the Park Hyatt Paris Vendome. For us, it was absolutely worth it, because it was not simply a hotel stay, it was an experience. The serene atmosphere, extremely comfortable rooms, delightful amenities, bounteous brunch, and rejuvenating spa were all so restorative; they gave us a much-needed boost of energy and inspiration for the last leg of our five-week trip.

If you have limited Hyatt points and are planning a trip to Paris, I would highly recommend booking a night (or two, if you can swing it!) at this hotel at the end of your stay rather than at the beginning. That way, you will be able to truly and fully appreciate all that this property has to offer.

We certainly did.

Have you stayed at the Vendome? What was your experience? If you haven’t stayed here yet, is this property on your list?


  1. sounds wonderful! love the video! Can you ship me those pastries, croissants, bread and cheese please? looks so yummy!!!

  2. AgainstVendoming says

    Literally Vendoming, eh? Such an undiscovered property! Staying at the Vendome sounds like such a truly unique and individualized experience; I really appreciate you taking the time to blog about your impressions. Oh, and there’s a free breakfast for Hyatt Diamonds? Who knew? No one else has covered this hotel; keep up the unique contribution you make to BoardingArea!

  3. AgainstVendoming says

    Good! With unique content like this, you’ll keep the Prior2 bloggers at bay with no problem at all.

    Did you get upgraded at the Radisson Blu Champs Elysees?

    • Points Pixie says

      AV – I think you’re coming into my story a little late. We’ve been on a five-week trip, and this 1-night stay was a part of it. The point of the post is that it’s a step in the journey. 😉

      No upgrades at the Champs Elysees, but we didn’t need them as we had two rooms. Also we weren’t in the rooms enough to care!

    • Why are you being such a d*ck to the blogger? Stop reading then? Problem solved. Douche

  4. Love your non-jaded perspective on high-end places like the Vendome. Sometimes even reading a trip report makes people take this stuff for granted, so hopefully your sense of appreciation catches on.

    • Points Pixie says

      Ariana – Thanks. For me, saving up points and then splurging every so often is kind of like saving up for a nice pair of boots or a statement bag. Not something I can afford to do often, but definitely something I look forward to and appreciate!

  5. I thought the hotel itself was nice, but I would not stay there again. Here’s why.

    • Points Pixie says

      Scott – Thanks for the comment. Sounds like your trip was fairly opposite from mine!

      We are traveling with kids; also our travel style is a little more off the beaten path.

      I can totally understand where you are coming from: if you were on a short trip, and only staying in nice hotels and walking through museums and monuments all day, this hotel might not feel that special.

      For us, it was a special treat.

  6. This was the first hotel I ever stayed at for free (I think one night in the Big Welcome Back bonus 2006), and it got my hooked on the loyalty game. I planned a trip because of it. I think on points would have been 18K back then. Sigh.

  7. Went there for the first time with my family last Christmas. The hard product was nice (but I have seen better) but the soft product (service) was unsurpassed and truly made us feel like royalty. I love this place and am taking my sister to stay there this fall for her first trip to Europe.

    • Points Pixie says

      TM – Yes, the service we got was great as well. Traveling with kids, it was really nice to have someone taking care of us for a change! It was very relaxing.

  8. Although 60k Hyatt points gets you 3 nights in a suite at the Etoile that sleeps the Duggars, I “get” the high-low nature of your stay.

    That said, I’d still blow my points (if I were splurging) at the Churchill in London.

    Can’t wait to hear more about Japan!

    • Points Pixie says

      Dia – I knew you would get it. You’re high-low gal yourself. 😉

      Stay tuned for more Japan!

      And good luck this weekend with #FT4RL! Can’t wait to hear all about it. I know it will be a huge success.

  9. This hotel is one of the Paris palaces. We have been there recently for the tea time and we pretty enjoyed it. Was really sweet.


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