How to get $54 (or more) worth of free gas!

This is a great deal for those who live near a Giant store. From June 22 – June 28, Giant is running a 4x Bonus Gas Card Points promo for Visa gift card purchases. For every $100 you spend on Visa gift cards, you get $.40 off per gallon on gas – up to 30 gallons. This savings can get you $54 worth of free gas…or more!

In order to maximize this deal, you need to purchase a $500 Visa gift card.

How does the deal work?

  1. Buy $500 Visa gift card + pay $5.95 Activation Fee for a total of $505.95
  2. Earn $60.00 in gas ($.40 per gallon x 5 = $2.00 off per gallon. Multiply $2.00 x 30 and you get $60)
  3. Get $54.05 worth of free gas! ($60 minus the gift card fee of $5.95).

It seems you can only max out the $2.00 off per gallon during ONE FILL UP with up to 30 gallons.


  • Make sure your Giant card is registered to receive your gas points! You can  check your receipt after the gift card purchase to see if you received the points. If the points do not post, go to customer service and they can manually put them on your card.
  • Gas points do not reset to zero after a fill-up, but they do expire after 30 days. This means that you can accumulate a big stash of points during this promotion and use them for fill-ups over the month: every time you buy gas during this time, you will get $2.00 off per gallon. In other words, if you max out this deal four times in one month, you will earn over $200 in free gas!

What/where is Giant?

Giant Food Stores is a supermarket chain that operates stores in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, New York, New Jersey, Ohio and West Virginia under the names of Giant and Martin’s.

You can find a list of Giants here and here.

What are Giant Gas Rewards?

Click here for an informative video.

giant gas

More details

  • Fuel savings are limited to 35 gallons of fuel per vehicle per purchase.
  • Total discount cannot exceed price per gallon.
  • Limit of 2,200 points may be redeemed with any fill up.
  • Earned points are available for redemption within 24 hours.
  • Offers available at Giant or participating Shell locations.
  • Giant Gas Rewards points will expire 30 days from date of issuance.

I live in California, so I’ll be missing out on this one – but I hope that many of you can use it!

Will you be getting in on this deal?



  1. Does Stop & Shop qualify for this promotion?

  2. turgutbey says:

    Good deal, but sounds like you need to drive an obnoxiously large tank of a car in order to max it out. I know the tank on my already large sedan is only like 15 gallons.

  3. There are details to this that are hard to distinguish from CA. In PA you can get completely free gas. In NJ you can get $2.20 off per gallon max. Expiration rules are different in the 2 states. Even in PA there are different rules for different regions. Good luck figuring this out from so far away. I’m between the 2 states and I do both.

  4. Rebecca says:

    Great for some, Bummer for me! Can we get a deal like that at Foodland? Haha

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