I just got $75 worth of towels from Neiman Marcus for $5 by maximizing a deal.

Back in December, I wrote about a stackable deal from Neiman Marcus and Amex – if you ordered $200 worth of merchandise, you could get:

  • The items you ordered
  • A $50 discount
  • A $50 gift card
  • 1,700 Ultimate Rewards points

It was a great deal. 🙂

It got even better when Neiman Marcus sent me an email in early January, thanking me for my purchase and offering me a free $25 promo code (THANKS25) to use on my next purchase of $50 or more. This unexpected code was good until February 3, so I held onto it, thinking that it might stack with the $50 gift card that I was going to get from the original offer.

But then days (and weeks) passed, with nary a $50 gift card in sight. February 3 came and went. Finally on February 11, I got the email that I had been waiting for – my gift card had arrived!

I was bummed that Neiman Marcus had waited until after the expiration of the $25 promo code to send the $50 gift card, but I decided to try an age-old tip…to try the code anyway and see what happened.

I started at Ebates to get 8% cash back.

Once I was on the Neiman Marcus site, I decided to stock up on towels – a decidedly non-sexy purchase. However, I am kind of a towel snob, so when I get a chance to get luxurious towels for a steal, I snap them up.


I put $75 worth of towels into my cart.

I applied the $25 off code to my order…and it worked! Then I applied the $50 gift card…and it stacked!

My total was a whopping $5.60. With my 8% rebate, it was $5.15. 😉


  1. Save all emails! I have a folder titled “Coupons and Codes.” Whenever I get an email from a store that I might use, I stick it in the folder…just in case.
  2. Even if a code has expired, try it anyway. You never know.
  3. Don’t forget to stack savings by going through Ebates, TopCashBack, or another shopping portal.

Did you get in on this deal from Neiman Marcus? How did it work for you? If you missed this one, are you ready for the next one? Any tips to share? 😉


  1. So now you tell us? I could have used some new fluffy towels.

  2. Points Pixie says:

    TrvlGuru – If you got in on the original deal, I think you could replicate this savings by using the same code (THANKS25). If you missed this one, you know another will be along soon 😉

  3. I got in on the AMEX Neiman Marcus promo and sold my gift cards and other cards to CardPool. Exciting December shopping.

  4. Since the gift card is a form of,payment, you get the 8% on the purchase amount. An extra $4 in your pocket.

  5. The THANSK25 code only works if you were targetted for it. You have to enter the email address they sent it to and they’ll look it up. In my case I wasn’t targeted for this promo so it didn’t work. Nevertheless I did take this as a good reminder to use up my NM Gift Card from the December promo that BTW expires by like April or something, so don’t forget to use it. And not to use it for something expensive you wouldn’t have bought ANYWAY.

    @Grant, I tried to sell my NM eGift Card through CardPool as well. Didn’t work. Not sure why. Perhaps the short term expiration?

  6. The gift card is a form of payment, so you get 8% on the gift card amount. An extra $4 for you!

  7. How many towels does $75 buy at NM?

  8. Points Pixie says:

    Grant – Totally exciting!

    Glenn – Good advice. Easy to get lured in by Neiman’s.

    Marlene – You’re right!! So I only paid $1!!

  9. Kendra, I need help learning how to do this!! still have my $200 gift certificate and want nice towels or sheets!

    • Points Pixie says:

      LauraPDX – Give it a try! Go through Ebates to NM, then fill your cart. Use code THANKS25 and see if it works…it might! Then stack your $50 gift card on top of that! If you can’t figure it out, or if it doesn’t work, let me know.

  10. It’s true. As soon as you enter THANKS25, a window pops up requesting the email to which this offer was sent. I submitted my email, but a message came up stating that the email was not recognized as one of the recorded receivers. 🙁

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