Stock up on basics: 30% off sitewide at CVS.

Batteries? Dish soap? Lip balm? Toss it all into your online cart, because it’s time to stock up at CVS…sales like these are an easy way to save a bundle on basics, so you can save your dollars for something more fun.

I love it when a “basics” site like CVS offers a big discount like this, because saving $30 here (on items I am going to purchase anyway) means that I can splurge on luxury items somewhere else (hello, Neiman Marcus towels!).

 Screen Shot 2014-02-17 at 9.59.52 PM

Are you with me, here?

This will take you ten minutes or less:

  1. Go to CVS.
  2. Fill your online shopping cart. Savings are sitewide, so scoop up everything you need.
  3. Check out using code 30DEAL to save 30%.
  4. Get free shipping on orders of $49 or more.
  5. Coupon code expires on Saturday, February 22.




  1. doh! I’m one day late missing this special. Plz continue to keep us posted of these sales as I do much of my shopping online.

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