I really want the Lufthansa card.

I’ve never mentioned the Premier Miles & More® World MasterCard® card here on the blog before. The reason is that I wasn’t that excited about it. I mean, I don’t really fly around on Lufthansa, and the normal bonus on the card (20,000 miles), wasn’t going to get me very far (you can get a round-trip in coach on United for 25,000 Lufthansa miles).

However, the sign-up bonus has temporarily increased to more than double the normal offer! Currently, if you apply for this card, you can earn 50,000 Lufthansa miles. This is a huge bonus, and it is worth a lot if you want to redeem your miles for First Class domestic flights on United. I’m writing about it now because I’m planning on getting the card myself, and I’m excited about this offer. (Note: currently this offer is not available, but keep an eye out, as it may return).

How much is it worth?

It costs 25,000 Lufthansa miles for one round-trip flight in coach (within the Continental US or Canada), so your 50,000 mile sign-up bonus would get you two economy round trips on United.

Looking at the current United award chart, here is a snapshot of round-trip flight prices in economy from San Francisco to New York for January 2015.

Screen Shot 2014-05-04 at 7.55.00 PM

So if you had to buy these two flights, it would cost approximately $800.

It costs 35,000 Lufthansa miles for one round-trip flight within the continental US or Canada in First Class on United. So your 50,000 mile bonus would get you one and a half First Class flights.

This is a fantastic deal, especially because if you used United miles, it would cost 50,000 miles instead of 35,000.

Note that this will only work on United, because United First Class seats are counted as business class when you use Lufthansa miles.

Looking at the current United award chart, here is a snapshot of round-trip flight prices in First Class from San Francisco to New York for January 2015.

Screen Shot 2014-05-04 at 7.42.35 PM

Yowza! I doubt that most people would pay that kind of money, but that’s what United is charging for these seats. If you wanted to pay cash for one and a half First Class flights, it would cost you between $4,000 – $5,300.

Why I decided to get this card.

Honestly, I love flying in First Class. If I can get a “miles deal” like this one (only 10,000 additional miles for a round-trip in First Class instead of coach!), I’m going to snap it up.

If Josh applied for this card as well, between the two of us, we’d have enough miles for three First Class domestic flights on United. We would use these on our next trip to Florida, New York, or DC; it would definitely make the trip a lot more comfortable, not to mention fun.

When will this offer end?

I don’t have details about how long this offer will last, so if you are interested in applying for the card, you might want to act sooner rather than later. In my opinion, the normal sign-up bonus of 20,000 miles is not that great of a deal, while this current offer is a very solid one if you want to fly in First Class.

More details about the card.

You do need to spend $5,000 on the card within the first three months in order to get the 50,000 mile bonus, and there is a $79 annual fee for the card. However, to me, this is a very good deal. I would gladly pay $79 for a flight and a half in First Class!

Here are all the other details:

  • Earn 20,000 award miles after your first purchase or balance transfer
  • Earn an additional 30,000 award miles when you spend $5,000 in purchases within the first 90 days of account opening
  • Earn 2 award miles per $1 on ticket purchases directly from Miles & More integrated airline partners and 1 mile per $1 on all other purchases
  • Cardholders receive a companion ticket after first use of the account and annually after each account anniversary
  • No foreign transaction fees on purchases made outside the U.S.
  • Redeem miles for flight awards and upgrades on Lufthansa, Austrian Airlines, Brussels Airlines, SWISS, Star Alliance member airlines and other partners
  • $79 Annual Fee. Please see Terms and Conditions for complete details

I’m hoping that I get approved for the Premier Miles & More® World MasterCard®. I have a few doubts, because I already have two cards from Barclay (the US Airways card and the Barclaycard Arrival), and Barclay has become very picky about how many cards they approve per person. However, it is definitely worth an application for me. I’m going to apply as soon as I finish writing this post, and I will report back with the results as soon as I hear them.

Anyone else planning to get this card? How would you use the miles?


  1. barclays may waive the fee if you call after you get thecard, they did it for me last time the offer was 50000. ymmv

  2. JustSaying says

    Some nuances to this card:
    1. Must charge “something” on the card each month as “supposedly” LH miles expire in 36 months from the first month you “don’t make a charge”. All second hand information.
    2. It is valid for UA FC on two cabin aircraft. On 3 cabin aircraft where you would really have fun, the 35k is only good for business. Still this seems to be the best use of the miles ESPECIALLY FROM SFO where UA owns all the gates. SF is married to UA like it or not.
    3. LH FC international which is really what we should be aspiring to won’t book a non-status member in FC right?………best you can do is Business? which is NOT that exciting on LH………..
    4. International they have fuel surcharges but they at least appear better than BA.
    5. Barclay’s is a nice card to have plus they throw in a free credit score that is very easy to see each time you log in but with a US Air card you already have that. I had canceled his/herUS Air card “prematurely” right before applying for his/her cards and had no issues.
    6. This offer seems to periodically appear and then expire and reappear a few months later. Not having international FC opportunity really takes the glow off this card for me……..I am still trying to figure out if Avianca or Air Canada miles could be used for LH FC but that won’t make this card work any better…………

    • Points Pixie says

      JustSaying – Thanks for the detailed info 😉

      Since I didn’t know the answer to your question #3, I picked up the phone and called Lufthansa. They explained that indeed you CAN book a First Class award flight as a non-status member if you are flying on Lufthansa. Hope that helps!

      • JustSaying says

        YOU MADE MY DAY………sorry to all for being such a Debbie Downer and Nervous Nellie……..I was about to do the same! Thank you! Now the card is most defintely worth it IMHO! Don’t settle for Domestic UA Bus……….International LH FC is a better long term goal…….

  3. Marriott Marty says

    You appear to have cut and pasted from the last time this offer was 50,000 because you continue to include US Air as a partner and taffy ended March 31, 2014. If you can use Miles and More on US Air today please tell us how and why.
    I have enjoyed your independently researched posts, but this one looks like a sloppy cut and paste from someone’s post last year. If you borrow you should (1) attribute and (2) proofread and research for changes.

    • Points Pixie says

      Marriott Marty – You are so right! A total cut and paste job! I keep notes on all the credit card offers as they come out – since I haven’t written about this card before, the notes are definitely outdated. Thank you so much for the catch. Better proofreading needed, indeed. My current proofreader is fired! 😉

  4. Levy Flight says

    @JustSaying – correct me if wrong but I think that only Firstclass on Swiss has been denied to M&M non status memners but that LH is still available.

    • JustSaying says

      @Levy Thought I saw where LH had restricted FC redemptions to only status members but it is entirely possible that I am wrong……..I have posted on 3 different Boarding area locations hoping someone smart would speak up and so far it’s as quiet as a church mouse…………..

      • Points Pixie says

        Levy Flight and JustSaying – Not sure how smart I am 😉 (just read the comments on this post), but as per the results of my call to LH, First Class awards are still available on LH for non-status members. Swiss First awards are not.

  5. You’re “excited” about this offer? You mean the very same “special offer” they trot every few months? Really? Come on, don’t treat your readers like they are idiots.

    • Points Pixie says

      p – Yes, I am “excited” about this offer! I don’t have this card yet and I am excited about the bonus. I’m not sure why the offer is any less attractive because it’s not hot off the presses?

  6. Did you get automatically approved or pending?

  7. Totally agree with @justsaying. First of all Usairways doesn’t exist anymore. Second the new American isn’t a partner of Lufthansa. Proof reading please.

    • Points Pixie says

      Rick – Totally! Proofreading FAIL on my part. Sorry for the interruption in service.

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