I’m sorry, Coachella. I was wrong about you.

I wrote a post last week about Coachella. In the post, I said some things that weren’t very nice. Mainly, I was exasperated by the big group of concert-goers who were staying at the same hotel we were in: they were truly annoying. However, I was wrong to base my opinion of an entire music festival on a very small fraction of the people who were there…especially when I WASN’T there myself.

I’m sorry.

I got a couple of pretty mean comments, including one person who told me that I was egocentric and mocked my blog posts. That wasn’t very fun to read. There was another person who said I was negative, stupid, intolerant and closed-minded.

I understand disagreeing with someone’s opinion, but has a complete stranger ever said that to you? Would you ever say that to anyone?

I guess that is beside the point, because it already happened, but still…it was definitely not a “feel good” post. I know I didn’t feel good about it.

But then I got this comment from someone named Duy, who wrote:

I appreciate your perspective, but, Kendra, perhaps keeping positive and making small efforts not to offend would make the world a better place. I went to Coachella and didn’t feel like festival goers were as you described them. Your post came off as from someone a bit insecure, though I’m sure that’s not true at all. I felt like most people there were just enjoying life and having a good time, not “in your face” and trying to outdo each other at all… But maybe where you stayed had some kids doing just that?


He was right. Totally right. And I appreciated his comment so much. He managed to capture the essence of the issue in such a perfect, wonderful way. I loved that he decided to comment, and I REALLY love the way he decided to say his piece.

So thank you, Duy. I hope you are reading this. And again, I’m sorry, Coachella. I judged you very unfairly based on the actions of a few people. I said things about you that weren’t true and I didn’t even have a real reason to say them because I wasn’t even there. In other words, my eye-rolling was unwarranted, my exasperation was misplaced, and I had a bad attitude.

For all those of you out there who are heading to Coachella this weekend, I hope you have a wonderful time. May the music be awesome, the weather be gorgeous, and the flowers in your hair be fragrant and beautiful.

Rock on.



  1. I did not read your earlier post as criticizing Coachella generally or grouping all Coachella fans together. You expressed perfectly understandable annoyance with “swarms” of people at a hotel who were yelling. How is that sentiment “insecure”?

    Ignore the blog bullies. Your blog rocks (although I continue to think that Boarding Area should include only your travel-related posts).

    • Points Pixie says:

      j. – Thanks. I do think Duy had some great points, but yes – the people at the hotel were TOTALLY annoying. But I realize that it wasn’t all of Coachella.

  2. I wouldn’t give it another thought, Kendra. I have been a faithful reader and then discarded several blogs because of intolerance. Trust me, you aren’t even in the same zip code as intolerance.

    And we’re all allowed to dislike certain things, and certain experiences. Not to mention to have bad days.

  3. I was in West LA for the weekend and it definitely had a less crowded feel.

  4. And I thought Coachella was a website that sold leather items…

    • 🙂 🙂 🙂

      Yes, Gene, that *is* what it is. And I’m going to send you the private address, and I want you to send me all your money, and after I cash the check, I’m going to send your our catalogue.

      🙂 🙂 🙂

  5. love your blog and for sure no offense taken! i thought Coachella was the modern day Cinderella ball. Then again i live on an island 2500 miles from any major land mass so what do i know. keep on writing on!

  6. Glad to see this post go up, I didn’t think your first post was entirely fair and it’s great that Duy was able to change your perspective.

  7. Kimberly says:

    Try living right near the polo grounds for Coachella are located, and enduring three weeks in a row of festivals… 90,000 people at a time. You were not off base, while I am sure a good percentage of attendees are nice people, there are so many that come here and treat our community like it is their personal playground. Smoking pot in front of Target, peeing in the bushes in front of restaurants, sleeping everywhere and anywhere, and generally acting like idiots seems to be acceptable. I wish they would just be gracious and thankful for our beautiful community that struggles to accommodate triple our normal population for a month. Pick up your trash, get a room, watch your language when out among the “non-Coachella” people, and show some respect. Don’t forget that people actually live here.

    And no, I am not old… And yes, I do go to both Coachella and Stagecoach… Dreaming of falling asleep tonight without my house shaking from the bass!

  8. I read your original post and I got an education about an event I had never heard of. After reading this one, I got a new found respect for you and your integrity!

    • Points Pixie says:

      Tammy – Thank you. I do think it’s important to say when I think I’m wrong…as well as when I think I’m right.

  9. justSaying says:

    Don’t go all soft and marshmallowy on us………..

  10. Kendra, I’ve read your referenced post and didn’t think you sounded obnoxious. What I gathered from it, was that you didn’t expect a huge event taking place at the time you were hoping for a relaxing weekend.
    As far as your comments about fashion choices, you just said it wasn’t your style. Again, nothing wrong with that. Blogging is an expression of who you are. It is a diary of sorts and it’s easy to forget that people are actually reading it. Congrats on that BTW!
    I do think, it says a lot about your character, that you wrote a follow-up post and apologized for any misunderstanding. Also, I agree, the quoted comment from a reader was respectful, mature and thought provoking.
    I do find it ironic, that some of the other commenters accused you of intolerance and disrespect, while simultaneously insulting your age, character and your blog.

  11. Kendra, thank you so much for not taking it the wrong way! I’m surprised it was deserving of its own post, but it clearly reveals how open-minded you are. A commenter said we’re allowed to have a bad day, and that is definitely true… but I hope you realize that you have a powerful voice, and it warms my heart to know that we don’t all have to be stubborn in our resolve to “hate.” And I definitely empathize with locals or hotel owners/managers that experience the darker side of travel… the world isn’t always rosy, but I hope we can offer solutions rather than rant. Again, your response gives me faith in the world.

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