Want to be inspired? Watch this.

Have you seen this video of a woman who does push-ups for 100 days? Her transformation is so inspirational.

Her expression at the end is just pure joy and triumph. When was the last time you felt like this?

It’s those little changes over time that can add up to a big change overall.

Do you love this as much as I did?



  1. JustSaying says:

    Very kewl for her to start and follow thru……….but for those of you watching from your living room the 100th day pushup the butt needs to be lowered to form a straight line with the back to produce a good “Army pushup”……….I do get that high after swimming for an hour and I would guess that anyone on a regular exercise program gets those endomorphines…………..thanks for posting……I’m heading to the workout mat………..

  2. that was cool to see. i wonder how many she was doing a day.

    i feel like that after a big race. New York Marathon is going to be an amazing high!!

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