This “last minute” hotel booking site is quirky and fun…and they’ll give you a mystery discount.

Have you heard of HotelQuickly? It’s a new¬†mobile booking app that gives you great deals on same-night stays.

Yes, it’s just like HotelTonight…but it’s for properties in Asia. And it’s kinda quirky…check out these reasons they give for why you might use the app:

Screen Shot 2014-04-19 at 5.53.16 PM

Right now, there are a few different promo codes floating around for a discount on your first night. The codes don’t seem to be stackable, but YMMV.

The best single code I could find was a personal referral code for $15 your first stay. If you want to use mine, it’s KCOLL1 (click this link to make sure you get to the right page). Here are the other codes I’ve found:

  • 7HEAVENHOTEL = $25 credit (For Hong Kong hotels)
  • HQAWARDS = $5 credit
  • QUICKLY = $5 credit

To maximize this deal, I would try using a referral code first, then try stacking codes after that. I made the mistake of NOT using a referral code (I thought I had, but I didn’t!) and then I was only able to get a $5 credit after I tried code QUICKLY.



Their Facebook page occasionally offers codes as well. Yesterday they had an Easter egg hunt where you could find eggs and earn $10-$100 in booking credits. (As of the time I write this, the golden egg is still waiting to be found, so check it out of you are interested in a little online Easter fun!)

The page also featured an April Fool’s joke with a code (USANDUSD) that was a dud…but I’ve noticed that it still shows up on a few blogs as a working code, so beware!

Screen Shot 2014-04-19 at 8.30.49 PM

They’ve got a very quirky sense of humor, don’t you think?

Anyway, if you’re planning a trip to Asia, this app is something to consider. I just downloaded the app today and got my $5 credit (woo hoo). Looks like the credit will expire on October 5, 2014 – so, in about 6 months.

Have you tried HotelQuickly yet? What did you think?

HT: Pluto2007 on Flyertalk


  1. Don’t see the attraction, prices are still higher than a normal booking site.

  2. always interesting to learn about the various booking options out there

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