Join me for shopping in Seattle?

So…I’m headed to the Frequent Traveler University next month in Seattle (Friday April 25 – Sunday April 27). I always have such a great time at these things. I’ve made some really good friends and have had tons of very interesting conversations at all of them (a lot of info is shared, both in the sessions, in the hallways outside of the sessions, and over cocktails).

If you haven’t already been to an FTU and you have no idea what I am talking about, you can read about a couple of my FTU adventures here:

The event is technically sold out, but if you are interested in attending, you might still be able to find a ticket through this Milepoint thread.

Since I’m actually flying in on Thursday the 24th to attend the Freddie Awards (have you voted for your favorite loyalty programs yet?), I will be in Seattle during the day on Friday April 25…and you know what that means. Time to go thrift store shopping!

Who’s in?

My plan is to start at Lifelong Thift at 1017 E Union St., then head to the Goodwill at 1400 S Lane Street and possibly the Goodwill Outlet (items sold by the pound!) at 1765 6th Avenue South. Note that this plan is subject to change based on comments/reader input!

When I recently went thrift store shopping in Vegas, I scored a brand-new (with tags still attached!) cashmere/silk dress for $10, an Ann Taylor leather clutch for $6, and more (of course).

My glamorous dress!

My glamorous dress!

In New Orleans, I found a Halston Heritage dress for SIXTEEN DOLLARS. Yes. You read that right.


So…even if you’ve never tried thrift store shopping before, you might love it if you come with me. 😉

We’ll meet up at 1 pm and plan to be back at the Seattle Airport Marriott (the FTU event location) by 5 pm.

If you’re interested, leave a comment below and I’ll be sure to keep you posted via email. (No need to leave your email on the blog – I will email you privately!) If you’re not sure about the thrift shopping and want to meet for drinks afterwards, we might do that, too! It depends on the crowd and the kind of luck we’re having.

I know that this is kind of a shot in the dark, as well – the number of people who will be in the right place at the right time is probably a very select group – but it would be so much fun that I just had to throw it out there!

Anyone up for some thrift store action?



  1. If my wife were coming with me, she would totally want to do it! Unfortunately, she is not! That being said, if anyone that goes with you has someone with them that doesn’t want to go, send them over to me! I am getting together with some attendees to go running Friday and Saturday – I will be glad to occupy the non-shopper. 🙂

  2. People with leather seats in their car shop at thrift stores?

    • Points Pixie says

      And one more thing! 😉 The “high/low mix” is the POINT of my blog!! You totally missed the point if you missed that!

      As punishment, you have to go back and read the “About Me” section again.

  3. Points Pixie says

    Charlie – Great! And vice versa – if you’ve got anyone in your group with a partner who would rather be shopping…send ’em my way!

    Gene – Have you been in my car lately?!? It features colored pencils and notebooks jammed into the back seat pockets, random snacks in the cup holders, and soccer/basket/baseballs rolling around in the way back. Nary a leather seat in sight… 😉

    But to your point…yes, I think people with leather seats in their car DO shop at thrift stores. Maybe you and First Class Queen would like to join us? I can’t imagine it, but it would definitely be an experience…

  4. Finalizing my travel plans, but if I can get there early enough–count me in. Will confirm asap.

  5. JustSaying says

    My wife and I are most probably in as we arrive from the city at 9am Friday…….and we’re in for cocktails for certain……….and as I have been “trying” to convince her that she “needs” to go designer thrift shopping in Paris for our night at the Opera……I have trained her how to buy VR unassisted and when to whip out her ID, how to plink, Staples, and Shopkick……..but I need some help in teaching her to thrift powershop as the only place she goes in Neiman Marcus is to the Men’s department………..

  6. I’m in! I just live in Portland so I will have a car.

    • Points Pixie says

      Allison – Great! We will have a car, as well, so for those without a car – we might have you covered.

  7. It was a really long time ago, so not sure how it’s changed but when I lived in Seattle, I went to the Goodwill outlet several times a year and sometimes it was amazing. Clothing by the pound doesn’t favor shoes so much, but usually shoes at big thrift stores like Goodwill aren’t great. It’s all about shirts, pants, jackets, etc…

    This one time I went, somebody had just donated a bunch of Indonesian business attire. The shirts were all Batik button ups with one-of-a-kind patterns and very stylish. I have some that I wear to this day and always receive comments like “I wish I had a shirt like that.”

    I actually wish I were going to Seattle for the event, but alas. I hope you and whoever goes thrifting has a great time.

    Cheers Pixie!


    • Points Pixie says

      Peter – I am hoping for similar scores! I’m putting a vibe out to the universe for vintage Gucci, Pucci, and Fiorucci 😉

  8. Seathrift says

    You should check out red light vintage and crossroads trading. Both near Broadway and Harrison on cap hill. They aren’t traditional thrift stores bc their stuff is more curated and priced accordingly, but they are great. You’ll def find designer duds at crossroads. They both have locations in the U district too.

  9. Count me in!

  10. I’m excited about FTU even though it’s in my hometown and I don’t get to make an adventure of it. Thrifting is always fun here. Some gems on the Eastside, too, if you don’t mind adding miles to the route. Please keep me posted.

    • Points Pixie says

      Debra D – I will definitely keep you posted. Hope you can join us – it would be great to have a local!

  11. AlohaDaveKennedy says

    Used to live up in The Rainbelt. April in Seattle should be a great time to shop for umbrellas. As I recall The Great Seattle Rain Festival runs every day, except during the first week of July. See the aquarium if you like fresh fish and the Pike Place Market if you want to bring some home. Used to feed the cat salmon during the runs when it was .89 a pound.

    • Points Pixie says

      AlohaDaveKennedy – Aw, at first I was all excited that you were going to join us! 😉

      Hopefully we won’t get drenched.

  12. AlohaDAveKennedy says

    Unfortunately, I will be enjoying the balmy tropical weather on Kodiak Island about then. Imagine the warm tropical breeze, the palm trees and sitting on a lounge chair with a pina colada. Keep imagining – as that ain’t happening on Kodiak.

    • Points Pixie says

      AlohaDaveKennedy – Have fun on your balmy vacation. Sounds adventurous!

      Maybe you can come thrift store shopping with us next time 😉

  13. I am using free airline tickets to travel to Seattle. The downside to the free airline tickets is the time the plane arrives in Seattle. 7:30 AM (ugg). I would love to accompany you to the local thrift stores in Seattle. It should be quite an experience. My Husband is with me, but I’m sure he will head for a local starbucks or something. (He hates shopping). Please just let me know when and where to meet up. Like I said, I’ll be in seattle early Friday with no plans at this time.
    P.S. This is the first time for me at a frequent flyer event. I’m so looking forward to meeting you.
    Debbie From Oregon

    • Points Pixie says

      Debbie – Yay! I’m so glad you can join us! I will keep you posted with the rest of our group in a separate email – will send within the next few days.

  14. My flight worked out too…would love to join you!

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