New site design – what do you think?

You’re not seeing things – I just refreshed my site design today. What do you think?

Is anything broken? (Links not working, weird fonts…?)

Is there anything you’d like to see that isn’t here? (New categories, an instagram feed…?)

I decided to make a change because I felt like the middle section of my previous layout was kind of repetitive, so I made things a little cleaner and easier to find (hopefully).

It’s not quite done, but my designer worked hard on this and it was at a point where we agreed it could go off into the world on its own. I would love any comments that you have. Please don’t be mean, but if you have constructive feedback I am eager to hear it.

Thank you! I appreciate the help!


  1. Looks good, the comments section looks a bit funny because name email & website are below the input forms for each. Also it’d look better if the google+ stuff was next to the other sharing icons. Otherwise looks great!

    Also I offered to make you a favicon on twitter, send me an e-mail if you want one!

    • Points Pixie says:

      William Charles – Thanks so much for the favicon! Agree about the G+ – looks weird. Thanks for the feedback!

  2. Looks great to me! I have lots of design ideas, but no clue tech-wise how to make them happen. I’m impressed! I wish I could figure out how to do some of these tweaks to my site that you did here, but instead I am going to plan some more trips and paint some stuff:) Just trying to figure out how to put columns on one of my pages nearly gave me a migraine (and I never did figure it out after what felt like hours). Great work!

  3. I mostly love it. The only thing that doesn’t flow for me is the box that has the name of the blog post. The headline sort of thing? It looks like part of an ad to me. Not a huge thing, and I’m sure I’ll quickly get used to it. But I love the layout of the photos underneath. All-in-all, very clean and easy to read. Nice job!

  4. Christine says:

    Get rid of the ads. Oh, sorry, I know that is one of the ways you are supported but, I’m old, so I’m sick of how everything is cluttered up by ads everywhere – Internet, television, roadsides . . . Just being crabby! Actually, not too bad.

  5. Carl P says:

    Towards the top of the screen (starting with HOME) I get a lot of overlapping.

    I was going to email me a screen shot, but couldn;t figure how to do it.

    If you email I will reply with what I’m seeing. It could be my IE version (8). Some business uses I have are not compatible with the newest version, so I can’t update yet.

    • Points Pixie says:

      Carl P – Thanks for sending the screen shot – the overlapping is awful!! I will see what we can do about that. Thanks so much for letting me know!! Please email me if it’s still happening in a few days.

  6. Carl P. says:

    Never mind on emailing me. I spotted the CONTACT at the bottom. I emailed you my screen. Look at the ;line starting with HOME, Again, it mya have to do with older IE version.

  7. Didn’t we just do this? 🙂

  8. Carl P says:

    I missed the CONTACT at the bottom. No need to email me. I emailed you screen capture of what I’m seeing. It could be because I am not on newest IE. I’m having to hang back at 8 until a few business related functions get caught up on compatibility.

  9. Elaine says:

    Any chance you can make the letters in the body of the post a darker grey? It would be easier to read, at least for me. Right now the contrast between the white background and the light grey letters is not enough.

    The comments people have left look fine (black letter on grey). But the letters are really light grey in this box; that is, when you type in the comment.


    • Points Pixie says:

      Elaine – I agree…when you type comments the font is SUPER LIGHT. I will look into darkening all the fonts. Thanks for the help!

  10. I agree with Jeri about the blog post title. It doesn’t look like it is a part of the post. I think maybe a lighter purple color (instead of the one that matches the top of your page) would be better. It also might look better if you did purple font inside just the single purple boarder instead of having the white lettering with purple background and purple boarder.

    Other than that, so far everything looks great!

  11. I liked the pictures that you used to have with each post. You could move back and forth to recent blogs. Is there anyway you can keep that?

    I’m not getting it now.

    • Points Pixie says:

      Anne – I agree that would be a good thing to keep. I will work to add it back! Thanks.

  12. Love so many things about it including the header, general organization, and the vibe. Agree with the comments about the blog post titles in the boxes. Somehow my eye wants to tune them out in search of the headline I’m looking for. I also miss the recent blog posts in list form at the bottom of the homepage. I often looked there to see a bunch of posts in one sight-bite. Looks great though!

  13. I dig it! Isn’t WordPress a piece of CAKE! (You thought I was going to say something else??)

  14. justSaying says:

    Headline doesn’t pop…..needs larger font size……..and bolding…….

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