The chocolate tip – direct from the First Class Queen.

I’m headed to Charlotte today for the #MileMadness Seminars and Celebration. Last night, I was so excited that I could barely sleep. I haven’t felt that way about a trip in a long time.

One of the main reasons for my excitement was that I was going to be flying to the conference with one of my favorite people, FirstClassQueen. Since the FCQ only flies First Class, he had graciously sponsored an upgrade for me – so we would be sitting next to each other in the front of the plane.

We met in the AA Lounge. I was running late, so when I arrived, the FCQ was already chilling with a refreshing beverage. He knows how to maximize his downtime. We only had a few minutes in the lounge, but we made the most of them by discussing our flight strategy, which consisted of blogging, gossiping, and reading trashy magazines.

People at the gate rudely pushed in front of us, but the FCQ quickly put them in their place with a few well-chosen words. He kept it classy. Talk about an awesome travel partner. I want him to adopt me.

Once in flight, we immediately ordered doubles to fortify us.

The FCQ acted as my tour guide to First Class, and expertly displayed and explained all of the available in-flight amenities.
I felt honored to sit next to the First Class Queen, even though I looked like this:


At least I wasn’t a Flight Mummy.

Screen shot 2014-05-09 at 2.27.08 PM
We enjoyed a rustic luncheon:


Then First Class Queen busted out with his patented move: the thank-you gift. Here’s what he had to say about the event…

Today on my flight from SFO to DFW, I showed one of my oldest and best travel tips to my friend and fellow blogger Pixie Points. When the flight attendent came up to her and gave her a pre-lunch drink, I handed her a box of Russell Stover chocolate. Pixie and the flight attendant pretty much had the same look on their faces: all of a sudden a big smile came across the flight attendant’s face and she said a very warm thank you.

Now this is a little different when dealing with a male flight attendant, for different reasons. For an instant the guy on this flight had a very stern but polite look on his face. Needless to say, I was a little apprehensive about giving him a box of chocolate. All my fears were wiped away as soon as he saw the box being placed on his tray.

The rest of the trip was like butter, even though my pre-ordered flight choice was not on the list. Because American Airlines policy is that they serve “front even, back odd” on all their flights, even with us sitting in seats 2D and 2G, I was still able to receive my initial choice.

I love traveling with the First Class Queen.

And I love his tip about a thank-you gift.

Have you been on any fabulous flights lately? Do you have any tips to share?



  1. LOVE IT!! I want a cocktail now, too…

  2. Enjoy Fine Food says:

    FCQ needs to post more often 😉

  3. I thought this was going to about how to “get” chocolate on a flight, not give it away. 🙁

  4. Cute! He was a kick at FTU!

  5. I flew business class from Lima to Guayaquil recently. Gave the FAs a bag of individually wrapped Milano cookies. Again, big smiles. I will never again fly (even in economy) without a gift for the FAs.

  6. That Thank-You gift is great touch! I’ll certainly use it when the time comes.

    You mentioned, “People at the gate rudely pushed in front of us, but the FCQ quickly put them in their place with a few well-chosen words. He kept it classy.” Do you mind sharing his exact words? Thanks!

  7. JustSaying says:

    yes FCQ is a breast!

  8. >>>>>>yes FCQ is a breast!

    Lol. Totally!

  9. I don’t need to know what FCQ said, it will just ruin the fantasy scenario I had running in my head! I am sure there was some hand to face gesturing involved.

    I agree, we want to hear more from her mile-highness.

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