Popping tags! My Las Vegas thrift store finds.

It’s been awhile since I wrote about my latest fashion finds. I LOVE thrift store shopping. In fact, I think it’s one of my superpowers. I’ve found Chloe boots for $12, Seven for All Mankind jeans for $3, and countless unique pieces that are now crowding my closet.

When I travel to different cities, I always try to hit the local thrift and consignment shops, because different cities have different vibes. In other words, you can scoop up glitzy ball gowns in New Orleans, Brooks Brothers and vintage Coach in Connecticut, and warm down vests and Levis in Seattle.

Vegas did not disappoint.

My glamorous dress!

My glamorous dress!

The first store we visited was Savers, which was a gigantic, well-organized treasure trove.


I filled my cart without any effort at all. My favorite find was the slinky dress pictured above, which is a Spiegel number with the tags still on.


Tip: don’t trust tags at thrift shops.

This dress is labeled “size 13-14.” I wear a size 4, and it fits me just fine.

I also snapped up this Ann Taylor foldover nappa leather clutch for $6! Retail cost for this is $98, so this was a total score.


Screen Shot 2014-02-04 at 10.36.08 PM

Tip: scour the accessories area.

How many times have you bought a belt or bag that you just didn’t wear, then donated it to Goodwill? Exactly.

Then I found a little sleeveless sweater dress for $4.



Tip: buy trendy pieces at thrift stores instead of paying full price.

Our next stop was the Glam Factory, a vintage shop in the Arts District. Here I found a hooded floor-length cape from the fifties. It’s super dramatic and I can hardly wait to wear it out on my next date with Josh.

Do you shop at thrift stores? Do you seek them out like I do? What have been your best finds?

Anyone up for a thrift store shopping trip at the FTU in Seattle in April?



  1. Well done! I also hit the thrift stores when I travel! So fun! I also find amazing deals. Keep up the hard work!

  2. Kendra! now, you’re speaking my language! Awesome score! You make that dress look great!
    My favorite finds of 2013 were 1) a fully lined black linen dress with cherry appliques and 2) tiny vintage linen napkins shaped and stitched to look like Santa Claus. Six of them! $4!
    Before school started, I took my daughters to San Luis Obispo to a Goodwill “outlet” where you pay by the pound. Not super organized, but a great treasure hunt and super cheap. We got tons of stuff with tags still on and the girls picked up some super cool old vinyl records to use for art in their rooms. Can you tell this is one of my favorite things to talk about…? Shop on!!

  3. Love thrift store shopping! I don’t do it nearly enough. Port Townsend near Seattle, is one if my favorite towns to thrift store shop in. Picture of the cape please!!


    • Points Pixie says

      Hi Rob – Bummer that happened to you guys! My bag is actually an Ann Taylor Napa Leather clutch. So it’s not what you are looking for. Good luck in your search! Maybe try ebay?

  5. Not to be a pain but that is the exact one she had and it would make the best Valentines Day gift! <3

  6. Whats your price? Shes worth it!!!

  7. Ive tried ebay and amazon and…. they are never the flip over or they are not black. you you dont want to ill leave you alone I dont mean to come off as crazy. sorry

  8. Points Pixie says

    Rob – I don’t think you are crazy at all. How sweet of you to try and find such a nice gift for your fiancee! I just don’t think that I have the same bag. Mine is an Ann Taylor, not a Coach. Why don’t you email me directly and we can figure this out.


  9. If you ever have the chance to shop consignment stores in Minnesota they are in a class of their own. I learned about them through image consultant Jill Swanson (I don’t get affiliate links or kick backs from her. 😉 ) Jill is known as the Frugal Fashionista and I flew from CA to shop with her…if you ever have the chance–you’d love the experience!

  10. Great finds!! I didn’t think I would ever run into brands that you mentioned such as Brooks Brothers…but sure enough, I did!! http://endlesssummertreasures.wordpress.com/2014/04/18/brooks-brothers-shirt/


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