Save 55.5% at Banana Republic Today

Last night both of my kids had sleepovers (ahh, summer!) so this morning was a leisurely one for me.  I was sitting at my computer, enjoying a peaceful and nourishing cup of coffee, when I came across this fabulous bit of news:



As you know if you’ve been following this blog, we can do great things with a discount like this.  (If you’re new here, you can read this post for more info). Here’s how to sweeten this morning’s discovery:

1.  Go to Mr. Rebates and click through to Plastic Jungle.  I know, 0.5% back is not much of a savings, but we’re just getting started here.

2.  Search for Banana Republic gift cards.  Normally you can find e-codes for 20% off.  E-codes are great because they get delivered right to your in-box within minutes.  It can take up to 24 hours the first time you order an e-code, so if you are a frequent Banana republic shopper, you might want to consider ordering a few and keeping them in reserve – Banana often runs flash sales like this so it’s good to be prepared.

3.  Armed with your e-codes, return to Mr. Rebates and click through to Banana Republic.  Now we’re talking: 5% back on your purchase.

4.  Fill your cart at Banana, then use code BRGOLD at checkout.  Use your e-codes to purchase.

5.  You just saved 55.5%!

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