What is a credit card churn?

I love the image: a rustic wooden butter churn, filled to the brim with mouthwatering premium travel cards.  Mmmmm, bonuses!

Seriously, what the heck is a credit card churn anyway?  I made a short video to explain:
What type of churner are you?


  1. Presently, I think I am a opportunistic applier. For me, the issue is satisfying the requirements to get the points. I am eying both the Chase Sapphire Preferred and the Club Carlson Visa. But there is no way I can spend $5,500 in 3 months on CCs without the mortgages, (which I don’t think I can pay with CCs anyway).

    Kendra, which of the two should I apply to first? I am looking at Club Carlson (per your recommendation) so I can take my Mom to Savannah in May. Chase Sapphire Preferred because you (and Rick) recommended it.

    • Points Pixie says

      ElleX – If you need to pick just one, I definitely recommend the Chase Sapphire Preferred. The 40,000 point sign-up bonus can be transferred into a multitude of partner programs, so you will have plenty of flexibility with your eventual points redemption. In terms of trip planning, I always suggest working backwards from your goal, so my suggestion would be to do a little hotel research and figure out which hotel in Savannah looks appealing, then decide which credit card sign-up bonus can help you reach your goal.

      Coincidentally, I am planning a post on how to use Bluebird and Visa gift cards to make minimum spend, so keep an eye out for that if you need some additional tips on how to reach a high level of spend to reach a bonus.

      Does that answer your questions? Let me know if you have more. I’m on a plane on my way home from the FTU, so I’m a little punchy 🙂 Want to make sure that I understood what you meant, so write back if you need more info.

      • Thanks so much for your response, Kendra!

        I am actually looking at the Country Inn Historic District in Savannah. It was recommended by a co-worker. It is a Club Carlson hotel and is Category 4 (38,000 points needed for a free night). I am told it is Downtown and it’s close to a lot of sights. Now, I need to find out if Chase points can transfer to Club Carlson.

        Perhaps, I should apply for both and then wait for your future posts on how to get the bonuses.

        I appreciate you and I am honored that you took time out to respond!!!

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