An unlikely travel tip from GQ magazine…would you try it?

As anyone who has ever traveled with me knows, I have chronic carry-on bag issues. My bag is always WAY too heavy and crammed full of stuff. Much to my chagrin, I usually end up relying on the kindness of a strong stranger to help me lift it into the overhead bin.

I know – this is terrible, and I’m trying to change my evil packing ways. In the meantime, I came across this tidbit from GQ Editor Nick Marino:

Tie up your shoes

“I always like to run when I’m traveling somewhere new—it’s an excuse to get some exercise while exploring a new city—but running shoes take up so much room inside a suitcase. So I’ve started tying them to the handles of my carry-on. They dangle jauntily by the laces, saving me both space and packing time and keeping foot funk off my going-out clothes.”

— Nick Marino, GQ

This sounds a little over-the-top, even to me.

Thoughts? Would you do this?  Have you already?


  1. That’s what everyone wants to see. Your dirty smelly running shoes hanging off your carry on. Running shoes take up so much room inside a suitcase? Get a bigger suitcase.

  2. I use the space inside my shoes to “stuff” socks, briefs, belts, etc.
    I then re-use the plastic grocery store bags and wrap up my shoes to avoid the “foot funk” from getting on my other clothes.

    I work for an airline and we’ve been advised to ensure carry-on bags don’t have “extra” items hanging off them prior to boarding. We look more for the tennis racket/small bag but I could see some Gate Nazi saying your shoes are an additional carry-on.
    Love your blog – please keep it up!

  3. That is just gross! Why? I recently witnessed a woman who had her dirty ass shoes tied to her backpack as we were getting ready to deplane. Her shoes dangled everywhere. Touching the seats and people around her. Absolutely, disgusting to me. I have no respect for dirty people!!

  4. As a marathon runner I always pack running shoes AND i’m a size 15 ! so can you imagine my shoes tied to my bag. Poor tip in my opinion.

    Oh and try to check your heavy bags. They are bad for your back and shoulders plus other passengers hate when someone can’t handle their own bags efficiently 🙂

  5. Gov Kasich of Ohio used to do this when he was flying back from Washington to Columbus (I saw him do it once, I assume he always did it).

  6. In a lot of cultures this is extremely disrespectful. For example I’d never do this in any South East Asian countries. Also, chances are people with carry on luggage don’t want your running shoes and their “foot funk” rubbing against their luggage.

    I’m also not really sure how this would help with you not being able to get your bag into the overhead bin…

  7. MSPDeltaDude says:

    Had a moron the other day who did this muddy work boots and hit me with on the way back to his econ middle seat!

  8. pinkisnice says:

    This is just another reason hotels should offer running shoe rental!

  9. The germaphobic me is cringing!!!

    Besides, some people pay $150.00 plus for shoes. Shoelaces are inexpensive. So…potentially, with a backpack or a bag pulled behind you…someone could snip off those expensive shoes and leave with them.

    It is not worth the risk.

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