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Best Restaurants at Disneyland – A Review

When I think about finding the best restaurants at Disneyland, a line from an old Steely Dan song pops into my head: I spent a lot of money and I spent a lot of time!   Both these things are true.  I have spent many an hour on the Los […]

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Review of our Disneyland Hotel 1-Bedroom Suite

I always love the moment of walking into a hotel room for the first time; the “big reveal” never gets old for me.  Of course it’s especially fabulous when the room is great. You never know what you’re going to get at the Disneyland Hotel.  All of the rooms have […]

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Pin code fake out

If you are a daily reader of this blog, you may recall that I had a challenging evening last week. You may also recall that the evening was redeemed by the arrival (via US mail) of a coveted “pin code.” If this sounds slightly mysterious, welcome to the club. A […]

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Never a Dull Moment

So, I registered for the Frequent Traveler University yesterday.  I was (and am!) super excited, because this will be my first frequent flyer meet-up event!  I can hardly wait. I was looking forward to the moment Josh walked in the door, for several reasons: I wanted to tell him all […]

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The Fancy Donut, aka Club Level at the Disneyland Hotel

When I was a little girl, my family didn’t have a car, so we walked everywhere.  One day, as we walked, we passed by a donut shop.  My mom counted the change she had in her coin purse and told my brother and me that we could each get a […]

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Third time’s a charm? Our countdown to Disneyland has begun…

The first time we took our kids to Disneyland, they were 3 and 5.  At the time, Bear was deeply under the spell of the Disney Princesses.  He loved them all, especially Snow White.  In an incredible Disney coincidence, we were upgraded to the unique “Princess Fantasy Suite” at the […]

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Amazing Disneyland Deal – Prepaid Photopass+

Because our trip to Disneyland is just around the corner, the kids and I were looking at photos from the first time we went to the Park, back when Bear was 3 and Bird was 5.  Bear was super embarrassed because we got a ton of pics of him with […]

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The Disney Visa Card – Great if You’re a Very Disney Family

When I first learned about the Disney Visa card several years ago, I was super excited.  A credit card that earned Disney Rewards?  Sign me up! However, as I learned more about how to earn points and miles, and especially about the value of points earned on bank credit cards, […]

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