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Free $50 Lyft credit – highest bonus ever!

This is the highest bonus I have ever seen for Lyft! It’s worth $50, which is a very long free ride (airport, anyone?). This is an especially enticing deal now that the days of Uber code-stacking seem to be over.

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Beware the Uber code.

I’ve noticed a trend with recent Uber bonuses. A new promo code will hit the scene, then within a few hours or days, the code is restricted to a certain area (Orange County, Chicago, etc.). In other words, Uber changes the terms of the code once they realize that the code is being used nationwide (when they probably meant it to be used in one market).

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How to use PriceBlink to find deals on rental cars.

Today I was intrigued by an app called PriceBlink, which could be useful for people who hate searching for deals on rental cars. Here’s an explanation of how it works. It might be a good addition to your Points and Miles toolkit!

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Uber vs. Lyft.

Okay, Uber versus Lyft…do you have a favorite? I like ’em both, but for very different reasons. Here’s the lowdown on each service, complete with stories, current promos, and helpful details.

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How to get more miles and points for your next car rental.

A couple of days ago, I wrote about how I love using Autoslash to find great deals on car rentals – without spending a lot of time in the process.

I wanted to share another quick and easy way to get even more value out of your next car rental by stacking deals. (If you read my previous post on this topic, you know how much I dislike searching for rental car deals, so you know this has to be a quick and easy tip!)

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Why I’m still using Autoslash.

Over the past few years, I’ve read dozens of articles detailing how to save money on rental cars. Various sources have embraced Costco travel, promoted Hotwire and Priceline, and encouraged me to use the Chase Ultimate Rewards portal. While I have tried them all, I keep coming back to Autoslash.

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10-second tip: maximizing Lyft credits.

What you might not know is that a Lyft credit is a “ride credit.” What that means is that you need to use the credit all at once – it doesn’t matter if your ride costs $10 or $25. At the end of the ride, your credit will be gone.

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